YouTube Fundraiser – How to Set up a YouTube Fundraiser | YouTube Giving Fundraiser

What is YouTube fundraiser and how do I get started with YouTube fundraisers? In this article, you can learn the simplest form on how to create a fundraiser on YouTube. On the contrary, this seems to be a new feature on YouTube whereby people can donate funds to different causes. This is actually similar to the likes of PayPal fundraisers and also Facebook fundraiser. But unfortunately, this is not a new feature, it was released in 2018 and the feature is said to allow creators and fans to contribute to a charitable cause.

YouTube Fundraiser - How to Set up a YouTube Fundraiser | YouTube Giving Fundraiser

Furthermore, YouTube fundraiser is also known as YouTube Giving is a fundraiser tool that allows YouTube creators to create a community in other to supports causes they care about which includes charitable causes. During the release of the YouTube fundraiser includes the beta version and also campaign matching tools. Based on the information provided by the company, creators on YouTube can use their chancel and videos to generate or raise awareness for the cause they care about. Learn the eligibility to make a YouTube fundraiser.

Eligibility Requirement to Set up a YouTube Giving Fundraiser

First of all, only eligible channels that qualify for the requirement for fundraising can raise a fundraise for non-profit organizations. This is by simply adding the donate button to your live streams or videos. Here are the following eligibility requirements for YouTube’s Fundraisers.

  • The YouTube Creator and channel management must be in the United States, the United Kingdom, or Canada.
  • You channel must reach at least 110k subscriber.
  • Also, your chancel must be among the member of the YouTube Partner Program.
  • Lastly, the YouTube channel must not be designated as made for kids.

On the contrary, you might see some fundraising in some channels that isn’t within the eligible country. YouTube is currently planning to expand its fundraising to other parts of the country. But within the following country like United States, United Kingdom, and Canada are the following requirement.

How to Create/Set up a YouTube Giving Fundraiser  

The first stage to set up or make a fundraiser on YouTube is to meet the requirement needed. Already, the requirement is mentioned above. When your channel meets the requirement, you can then set up the YouTube Giving fundraiser.

  • Go to the page on your web browser.
  • Sign in to your YouTube account.
  • Select the option, Monetization, and click Giving.
  • Click Get Started and Create a fundraiser.
  • Next, you can choose the available 501(c)(3) US nonprofit that you want to support.
  • Fill out the following instruction that includes title, description, and collaborators.
  • Next, add a video or you can go on live streams for the donate button to add to the video.

Finally, you can click on Publish once the following step sets. Keep in mind, the donate button will appear on your video watch page, or in the live chat. Hence, viewers can engage by clicking on the donate button.

How to Join an Existing Fundraiser

  • Sign in to the YouTube Studio.
  • Then, from the left menu, you can select the option Monetization>Giving.
  • Click on Get started and click Join a fundraiser.
  • Next, you can select an existing fundraiser from the available once.
  • Add and video or create a time frame for your live streams.
  • Then, click Publish.

The following step’s used to join an existing fundraiser or another creator community fundraiser. However, in terms of managing your fundraising chancel, you can select Giving from the Monetization page to manage your YouTube Giving fundraising.