Yahoo Advertising – How to Advertise on Yahoo | Simple Guides to Yahoo Ads

How can I set up a Yahoo Advertising or how can I create a free Yahoo ad? Learn how to Advertise on Yahoo. Yahoo advertising is one of the powerful marketing tools offered by Yahoo. Where large businesses and small businesses can advertise their services, brands, and products online. This has the same concept of other advertising platforms like Google advertising, Facebook advertising, and lots more. Without doubt, Google is the most widely used search market share and this makes Google Ads top of the priority when thinking of PPC ads. But Yahoo Ads serves as another opportunity for advertising your business.

Yahoo Advertising - How to Advertise on Yahoo | Simple Guides to Yahoo Ads

According to reports, Yahoo search has over 117 million unique searches per month, and over millions of people click on the advertisement that displays on sites. Therefore, if you think of only working with Google ads and ignoring the opportunity of advertising on Yahoo. Then, you’ve missed out on 30% of your potential market. Initially, Yahoo ads is the second top advertising platform where you can drive millions of traffic to your website, services, brands, or products.  

Type of Yahoo Advertising Format

In case you’re wondering how can use Yahoo advertising or who can advertise on Yahoo. However, small businesses and large businesses can decide to advertise their business, brands, products on Yahoo. However, there are available Ad formats in which you can make use of on the Yahoo ads network. This includes

Search Ads

On the contrary, Yahoo search ads are one of the effective means in which you can advertise your business on Yahoo search results. The mean reason why Yahoo search ads are one of the powerful adverting strategies is based on the high relevance of what people search for as well as targeting audiences with high intent. Searchers are likely to engage in paid search ads. Based on the fact that it as a high potential of converting one to a customer of the services. For example, one of the Yahoo search ads tools is Taboola search ads which are highly relevant to the search query.

Display Ads

Yahoo display ads is another advertising tool that actually shows ads based on users previous interest on brands, product, or services. This considered a form of personalized advertising also know as Retargeting or remarketing. Instead of displaying ads on the search engine results, it displays at the top, bottom, sides, middle of an article or content on a website. For example, the Dynamic Yield banner ad appears at the top of the homepage. When someone clicks on the ads, visitors are then redirected to the dedicated post-click landing page. Asides, from Dynamic Yield banner, another is the BetterHelp display ad which is displayed at the right-side margin.  This one direct visitor to the following post-click landing page.

Sponsored Ads

In the meantime, the Yahoo Advertising Sponsored Ads come in various formats that include a single image, carousel, native, and also video. Currently, the single image ad format contains one image, a headline, and also a short description. When clicked on, this will direct users to the website post-click landing page. Sponsored ads in the carousel format offer online advertisers tools to create an engaging visual story by creating at least three to five cards together. Each comes with an image as well as a caption. Plus, each of the ads will link users to the post-click landing page. Native video ads actually correspond to the content on the website on the platform.

How Much Does Advertising on Yahoo Cost?

First of all, another Yahoo advertising tool is the Yahoo Mail ads. However, the Yahoo mail ads usually appear in the email platform. However, the cost for Yahoo advertising actually depends on the format you choose and the number of engagement or traffic you want to drive to your platform. But what you need to know is that Yahoo advertising cost is not experience.

How to Advertise on Yahoo

Advertising on Yahoo is quite simple, and Yahoo offers small businesses and large business with a wide range of products and services that comes at an affordable price. Hence, you can visit the link and click on the icon “Advertising” at the top middle of the page. This will direct you to an open-source where you can view the tools need to advertise your brands, services, products on Yahoo.