Gmail Spam – How to Stop Email on Spam Inbox | Mark Email as Spam

What is spam email in Gmail and how can I stop spam in Gmail? Most time, if someone sent you a message to your email, or use registered your email account on any platform on the internet. Some of the messages might not appears on the Inbox folder or All Mail folder but tend to appear on the Spam folder. On the contrary, the Gmail Spam is a security folder that comprises sources you don’t want to receive messages from. Most time, Gmail automatically direct messages to the Spam Folder based on the fact that Gmail consider the message to be a suspicious email.

Furthermore, email that is been forwarded to the spam folder is considered to be dangerous or contents suspicious link. However, there are two way in which email appears on Gmail Spam, this can be as a result of Gmail or that your mark the email as spam. For that reason, Gmail immediately identifies the email your mark as spam or when it’s considered to be a suspicious email that might cause damage to your account or extract your personal information.

How to Mark Emails as Spam on Gmail

On the contrary, Gmail went to provide users a better, comfortable and secure way to enjoy your experience while using the platform. Spamming emails ensure that your email account is secure and protected from suspicious link or emails.

To mark an email as spam:

  • Open the Gmail app on your mobile phone or visit
  • Sign your email account if you are not signed in yet. 
  • From your inbox folder, you can select one or more emails to mark as spam.
  • Then at the top right page, you can click on the three-dotted line and select Report spam.

However, the more email your report as spam, the more protected and secure your account is through the use of the Gmail automatic identification of suspicious email. Hence, immediately, you mark as email as spam, it automatically moves into the Spam folder.  

How to Unmark an email that has been Spammed on Gmail

Perhaps, you made a wrong selection while marking or reporting an email as spam. However, you can remove emails in which your make as spams in other to be able to view on the inbox folder. Also, this provides you an opportunity to access the spam folder if you don’t’ know where it’s.

  • Either with the Gmail app or web, all you need to do is access the Spam folder.
  • You can click on the menu icon on the app and select Spam, likewise on the mobile phone.
  • Next up, you can select the email you want to mark unspam.
  • You can click Report as not spam or Report not spam.

In summary, in case you want to delete emails from the spam folder, you can select one or more to delete at once. Then after marking the email, you can click Delete forever or Empty spam now. However, messages that stay more than 30 day automatically deletes from the folder.