Why is PayPal Payment Pending? – Tips to Prevent PayPal Payment Pending

Why is PayPal Payment Pending? As a PayPal user, both individual and business, you are bound to experience an hold on your payment. Whereby, your payment might be unavailable for withdrawal. This is commonly known as a payment hold. However, there are many reasons why PayPal payment is pending or appears on hold. Find out more about the reason why you can’t access your payment.

PayPal is a universal payment system where you can send and receive payments. It’s used by businesses and individuals as an international form of payment between two or more countries. Use can use PayPal to receive payments or send payments to different countries. Also, you can a payment option to pay for items, products, or goods online.

Why is PayPal Payment Pending? - Tips to Prevent PayPal Payment Pending

Someone times when you receive payment, you might encounter a message that shows payment on hold. Not to worry, as the time & date on which the payment will be released will be made known to you. Check out some of the reasons why funds are unavailable or what PayPal payment is pending.

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Why PayPal Payment Pending

PayPal holds your funds or restricts your account activity if no or little information about you or the transaction. In other to get more information PayPal places your payment on hold. Here are some of the reasons why PayPal payments might be pending:

  • First-time seller: if you are a first-time seller, your payment might be on hold. Because you haven’t built enough history to showcase a pattern of positive buyer-seller transactions.
  • If you have made the transaction in a while or you left your PayPal account dormant, this also can affect the release of payment.
  • When you have high customers that file for a refund, dispute, or chargeback.
  • If your selling pattern appears different or unusual, your payment can be held.
  • If you sell high-risk items such as tickets, gift cards, and consumer electronics.

These are some of the reasons why your payment is on hold. To resolve it, you need to build or rebuild your history of positive buyer and seller transactions.

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How Long Will PayPal Hold Your Funds For?

Usually, when PayPal holds your funds the date on which the fund will be made available will be shown in the payment section. However, your funds are usually held for up to 21 days. If PayPal checks and sees it has a positive buyer-seller transaction it might be released before 21 days. However, if it doesn’t it might exceed the actual date. You can implement some tips to expedite the timeline.

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Tips to Prevent PayPal Payment Pending

If you want to stop payment from showing hold when the transaction is completed. Or prevent delays of available funds, there are the following tips you need to follow:

  • Review the email and notification sent to you in your account overview.
  • If you receive payment from the buyer and it isn’t available immediately. You will get a notification showing “an important message about your PayPal balance”. There you can find out why your payment isn’t available and what you need to do.
  • Ensure you don’t receive dispute chargebacks and refunds.
  • Communicate with your customers to ensure that you satisfy the need of your customer.

In addition, you need to set up a customer service message. This will help to you prevent any disputes and you can go to the Resolution Center to set up a customer service message.

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