OppLoans – Online Loans No Credit Check | Opps Loan Application

OppLoans is one of the loan providers if you’re looking for fast funding loans with no credit check. But the disadvantage of OppLoans is that it comes with a high-interest rate. In the meantime, OppLoans is considered as a short-term installment loan provided by Opportunity Financial or OppFi. It’s a lender company that offers installment loans. Opp Loans is a good option if you’re looking for a fast loan that comes with no credit check.

OppLoans - Online Loans No Credit Check | Opps Loan Application
OppLoans – Online Loans No Credit Check | Opps Loan Application

OppLoans is fast funding loan approval which serves as an alternative to payday loans, but you note that its rate can hit 160%. It’s not recommended to go for any lender in which its annual percentage rate is above 36% unless you don’t have any choice of borrowing options. According to OppFi, people need to look for cheaper loans if their qualification meets the requirement.

When applying for a loan from OppLoans, you don’t need a credit score from FICO, VantageScore, or any other major credit bureaus. What the lenders look at is the information provided by Clarity Service. Clarity Service is known as an offshoot of credit bureau Experian that accumulates reliable information from people who have low or bad credit scores.

Example of reliable information includes your history with online small-dollar lenders, payday loans, and also auto title loans. Your bank account transaction history and also inquiries are the information needed.

Requirements to Qualify for OppLoans

Just like I stated earlier, no credit score is needed to qualify for an OppLoans loan, but you will need some relevant information. Aside from that, there are the following requirements needed to qualify for a quick or fast loan with Opps Loans.

  • No credit scores.
  • A minimum monthly gross income of about $1500.
  • Present your bank information that includes your name with 40 days of transaction history.
  • You must receive paycheck via direct deposit.
  • Lastly, you must reside in region or state where OppLoans operates.

OppLoans offers people loans directly in most states and must use other loans services. Like FinWise, First Electronic, and Capital Community banks to provide borrowers with loans.

How to Apply for OppLoans

OppLoans is an online loans provider that comes with no credit check. The application provides for loans is very simple. You can apply for a loan online and also the online loans service offers you fast funding quick decisions and also personal services. Visit the website and click on Apply Now. Then, you can select the option to get started and follow the instructions display on your screen to apply for an Opps loan online.