Family Tree Now – Trace your Family Tree for Free Online |

Family Tree Now commonly referred to as is a free tool finder built with a variety of people-finder tools to help you search for people. This is quite similar to Ancestry, WikiTree, and 23andMe. Family Tree Now is identified as a genealogy website where you can discover your family history through the concept of searching for your family with a genealogy archive and more. you can explore the world’s largest family tree with by using a first name and last name to find people.

Family Tree Now - Trace your Family Tree for Free Online |
Family Tree Now – Trace your Family Tree for Free Online |

However, the way work is quite different from other genealogy. Family Tree Now is not a powerful tool to search or discover your family history. Genealogy website like Ancestry and 23andMe which is designed to help track and research your family history. When you make use of Family Tree Now to search for people, this provides you with a wide range of information about the people you research about which includes the name, relative, age, associates, current and past addresses, and more.

Is family tree now free?

The family tree now is a free people finder tool that provides you with information or data about someone. It’s 100% completely free and research for data on There are top-secret indoor or outdoor or hidden extra fees to make use of the platform to find someone as well as in building a family free. When you access the website, you don’t need to pay for anything to use their service.

Is trust worthy

While the service is free to use, another question asked by people is whether the website is trustworthy. If the information provided by the website is accurate. However, the way family trees get their information is through various public sources. For instance, people search engines and other similar tools as well. offers information based on a variety of information made available on the internet publicly. Due to the way the service works, has made it clear that information gotten from public records might not be 100% accurate.

How to Trace your Family Tree for Free Online is an effective tool that is different from other search sites where you can search for someone. The only difference between family tree now and other search sites is that it’s completely free. In other to find people on, use the following instruction:

  • Visit the website search records page. This is by selecting the Search option at the top right corner of the page.
  • Then, fill out the information on the Search Records and click Search.

That’s all. There you can view information about your search that includes name, age, birth, address, and other information as well. However, if you want to discover your family history or know where you’re actually from, you can use services like 23andMe, FamilySearch, FreeBMD, WikiTree, GENUKI, Cyndi’s List, and