Kindle Cloud Reader – How to Read Kindle Books on PC | Amazon Cloud Reader

What is the Kindle’s Cloud Reader and how can I access the Kindle Cloud Reader? The rising of eBooks over a couple of years has seamlessly increased and dominated the line online e-book c-commerce is Amazon. For over the years, Amazon is the highest and best-seller of books and e-books online. Whereby, you can find and purchase eBooks from its respective Kindle Store. But how isn’t it possible to read them if you don’t have a Kindle. As a matter of fact, the Kindle Cloud or Amazon Cloud Reader is a web app that allows users to be able to access and read books purchased from the Kindle Store.

Kindle Cloud Reader - How to Read Kindle Books on PC | Amazon Cloud Reader

Furthermore, you can identify the Kindle Cloud Reader as an online reading application. That enables you to easily read books instantly from your web browser. Above all, the Kindle online reader, a free Kindle reading application allows you to set up the app on your PC or on the web. In the meantime, the Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader was introduced as an alternative to the Kindle eBook mobile app. Since it was only on the mobile phone you can read Amazon books. The introduction of the Kindle Cloud Reader bought a huge development and elimination of the need of purchasing the Kindle Devices to read books purchase on Amazon.

Advantage of the Amazon Kindle Online Reader App | Kindle Cloud Reader

On the contrary, the Kindle Cloud Reader is a very powerful online reader app. That comes with various features to provides an easy way to be able to read books or eBooks on Amazon. Besides, providing users an easy and quick interface to read Kindle books. You can also do the following:

  1. Whenever you purchase need books from the Kindle Store, it’s automatically added to your Amazon Cloud Reader web app.
  2. It also comes with a clean, crisp and high-quality method of reading books, thereby giving you a real-time experiences of reading books.
  3. Also, Kindle Cloud comes with offline mode where you can start from where you stop without an internet connection.
  4. It syncs all your books and reading activity when you sign in your account on a different device.

In addition, this allows you to save money while purchasing books from the Kindle Store. As it’s often cheaper than purchasing the hardcover or paperback counterparts. Also, it helps reduces excess consumption of books at home or office since you’re purchasing the digital copy over the physical.

How to Set up Amazon Cloud Reader | Kindle Cloud Reader Web App

In the meantime, setting up the Kindle Cloud app is very simple and requires your Amazon account to get started. However, you can use your Amazon account to sign in to Cloud Reader is you already have one, if you don’t create a new Amazon account to access the platform.

To Sign in Cloud Reader

  1. Go to
  2. Then, enter your Amazon email address or phone number.
  3. Next, enter your Amazon account password and click Sign in

To Set up your Cloud Library Kindle

  1. Click on the Kindle Store button.
  2. Search for books you want to add to your library.
  3. Then, you can proceed to checkout.

That’s how you can purchase and add books to your Amazon Cloud Reader if you find out that your Cloud Reader library is actually empty. Finally, to start reading books, you can access your Amazon Cloud Reader library and click on any book you wish to read.

How to Download or Convert Kindle Cloud Reader to PDF

On the contrary, there is a method in which you can follow that allows you to convert Kindle Cloud Reader to PDF. All you need to do is follow the instruction step by step so as not to miss out on any steps below.

  • Firstly, add the Cloud Reader Chrome extension to your Google Chrome browser.
  • Then, visit the Kindle Cloud web app using the link above and sign in with your Amazon account.
  • Access the book you want to convert and click Download & Pin Book.
  • Then, you can install and ren the Epubor KCR Converter on your device.
  • Next, remove the DRM and convert it to PDF.

That’s all, right from that stage, you can download books or converts book from Cloud Reader to PDF. Keep in mind, you need to use the latest Google Chrome to successfully download from Kindle Cloud.