Google Doodle Games – Popular Google Doodle Games

What are the popular Google doodle games to play or how can I play Doodle games on Google? Currently, almost billions of people around the world are stuck at home and not able to perform daily activities. In other to kill your boredom, there are interesting activities you can take part in on Google to help cure your boredom by accessing popular Google doodle games. over a couple of years, Google has seamlessly improved in the numbers of games and minigames on the search homepage.

Google Doodle Games

Nevertheless, there are lots of Google Doodles games to play while you’re staying at home. Because, of the widespread of the COVID-10, Google has relaunched the series of Doodle games to make an impact in the community around the world.  However, the Doodle series comprises of the most popular interactive Google Doodle games to play while you stay at home. The release of the Google Doodle has just begun and it’s launching a new series of about ten Doodles and you can find the last of Google Doodle games to play.

What Games can you Play on Google Doodle | Popular Google Doodle Games

On the contrary, the Doodle game is widely spread across different countries around the world. This includes the United States, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Australia, Nigeria, Argentina, New Zealand, and lots more. Here are the features of the popular Google Doodle game:

  • Doodle Cricket
  • Google Snake
  • Kid Coding.
  • Pacman 30th Anniversary
  • Google Halloween Game
  • Magic Cat Academy
  • Google Ghost Game
  • Google Valentine’s Day Game
  • Doodle Jump Google
  • King’s Day
  • Google Quick Draw
  • Thank You: Coronavirus Helpers
  • International Women’s Day
  • Mother’s Day and more.

On the contrary, there are other upcoming games that haven’t been released yet that you need to wait for. In the meantime, the list of games mentioned above are ones you can play right now on your PC which appears as an interactive game.

How to Access and Play the Doodle Games

Apparently, the type of Doodle games depends on the location in which the Doodle reaches. Also, you need to use the Chrome web browser to access the game and also play more effectively. Hence, you can use the following step-by-step instruction to access the Google Doodle game.

  • First of all, open your web browser on your PC.
  • Copy and past the like on your web browser.
  • On the homepage, you can easily explore games to play.
  • At the top of the right corner of the page, type Games on the search box.
  • There, you can find games to play such as the one mentioned above and the Doodle Show Games.
  • Finally, click on the Game to Play.

Another alternative mention you can use to get access to the Google Doodle game page is from the Google homepage. Just click on the Google log, and it will direct you to the gaming page. However, you can simply, copy and paste the name of the game on the Google search to play the name.