Google Advanced Search – How to Search on Google | Google Images Advanced Search

How can I use the Google advanced search? On the contrary, there are different types of ways to use Google search. This includes the Google image search, text search, and also the voice search. Meaning that you can use image, text, or voice to search for content on Google. The Advanced Search on Google is another extra method in which you can use to easily narrow down search results using related features to your search word. Most time you can consider the advanced search as Google search operators.

Google Advanced Search - How to Search on Google | Google Images Advanced Search

In case you’re wondering what is the advanced search, this is a feature built by Google that allows users to search for or narrow down search results using specific additional information to get a good and a relevant result. This is more like describing the way the result of your keyword to be presented. When you make use of the advanced search, this provides more elaboration or information by refining your search. Initially, there are so many features of the search engine you can care to know about.

How to Use the Advanced Search on Google

The search engine helps you to refine your search by using various search engine option. If you’re finding it difficult to narrow down the search, you can make use of the advanced search page. However, there two pages of the Google advanced search that includes the advanced search for Website and advanced search for images;

To Use Advanced Search for Website:

  1. Go to on your web browser
  2. Fill out the search terms you see in the “find Page with” and the “Then narrow your result by results”.
  3. Fill out the following “All these words”, “language”, “region”, “site or domain” and lots more.
  4. Finally, click Advanced Search.

To Use Advanced Search for Image:

  1. Go to
  2. Under the section “Find image with” fill out the necessary details.
  3. Also, under the section “Then narrow your results by” fill out the required information.
  4. Finally, click Advanced Search.

During the process of filling out the requirement, you’ll be provided with instructions you need to search for content using the provided texts. Another exciting thing you can use as your filter search in the search box is the search operators.

What is the Google Search Operator and How Can I Use the Search Operator?

On the contrary, the Google advanced Search operator is not a search engine, but are keyword or symbols you can use to refine web search. This considered a shortcut you can make use of to make your search result more relevant. However, there are some common search techniques in which you can use during your search on the advanced search engine. Click on the link to use the operators in the search box.

Additional Google Search Features

First of all, the Google search that includes the image, voice, and the advanced search isn’t the only search engine provides by the platform. There is other related search option that allows you to search for interesting things. This includes

  • Google Scholar Advanced Search: another option provided by Google that allows you to find for scholars either in articles, or case law.
  • Als, the Google Patents Search: likewise, the allows you to search and read full articles of patents from all over the world through the use of the Google Patents.
  • Google New Search: this enables you to search for trending topics, locations, and other news sources from all over the world.

Also, the Advanced video search appears as another unspoken search engine. Where you can use the refine words to search for popular or trending videos on Google. The link directs you to the advanced video search page.