Find My iPhone – Locate a device in Find My iPhone on

How can I track down my iPhone with iCloud or how can use another iPhone to find my iPhone? Most people are unfamiliar with this tool known as Find My iPhone which enables you to locate eligible apple devices. First of all, for iPhone users that lost their iPhone device, there is a dedicated feature available on all iPhone device which enables you to track and locate lost iPhone devices. However, there are two way in locating a missing or lost iOS devices that includes the Find My iPhone app and the Find My iPhone.

Find My iPhone - Locate a device in Find My iPhone on

Fortunately, if you lost your iPhone devices or any iOS devices, you can either you another iPhone device in which you can access the Find My iPhone app on their devices to location your iOS devices. Another way is the iCloud Find My iPhone where you can visit and enter your Apple ID to search for your missing iOS devices. However, the iCloud Find My iPhone is a website and a service offers by Apple to help track down missing, stolen, or lost iOS device that includes Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch, and also AirPods. However, there are features provided on iCloud Find My iPhone website for you to use to track your iOS devices with iCloud.

Features of iCloud Find My iPhone Website

Locating your Apple devices on has been made easier with the feature which enables you to find the location of your lost, missing, or stolen iOS devices. However, the only works with iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Here are the feature:

  • Devices On Map: using the integrated map allows you to navigate or pinout the location of your devices just like in the movie. You can get a full picture of where your device is or the missing one is. However, this is compatible with all iOS Devices that include iPhone, iPad touch, Apple Watch, AirPods, and more.
  • Play Sound: if you feel that your device is within the exact location but can’t find the place. You can play a sound that is louder than your device volume for your to be able to hear.
  • Lost Mode: if your device has gone missing, it’s essential that you flag the device as Lost Mode which automatically locks. This will enable users not to be able to make use of the devices, then you can start tracking its location.
  • Erase iPhone: In case you feel your device has fallen into the wrong people or stolen. If you have important information or personal data, you can erase it remotely and restore your data on your new iOS device.

In addition, there are also amazing feature whereby you can activate a lock on your devices. This prevents anyone from making use of your device or even selling it. After you have located your devices, you can then turn off the Activation Lock using your Apple ID and Password.

Locate iOS Devices in Find My iPhone on

One of the amazing features of the iCloud Find My iPhone. You can find your missing devices even when offline or turned on. The only way in which the feature might not be effective. Only if you haven’t turned on the Find My iPhone currently known as Find My app on your devices. Here is how to locate your lost, missing, or stolen iOS device:

  • Go to
  • Sign in to iCloud Find My iPhone with your Apple ID and Password.
  • Then, select All Devices and choose your device.
  • Access the map to locate where your device is.

However, you can use the various feature mentioned above to easily narrow down the location of your missing or lost device. Also, you can try using another friend’s iPhone by using the Find My app to access the location of your device.