How to Design YouTube Thumbnails that Get More Clicks

How to Design YouTube Thumbnails that Get More Clicks, If you’re a content creator or brand, you know that one of the most important elements of your video is its thumbnail. You want to make sure it stands out and gets people to click on your video. The thumbnail not only helps with branding but also with its ability to capture attention. If you are looking for ways to boost your YouTube channel’s engagement, you should look into the tips that might help you to create YouTube thumbnails perfectly. Read on.

How to Design YouTube Thumbnails that Get More Clicks?

Pro Tips To Design YouTube Thumbnails Superbly

YouTube thumbnails are the first thing people see when they land on your video page. They’re also the first thing they see when searching for a video of yours, so they must be eye-catching and relevant. Here are some tips to help you design a thumbnail that gets more clicks:

Know the audience and know the video’s intent

So, what is your video about? It is a question you must figure out before making any thumbnail. Once you are clear on the purpose of your video, you will know whether or not it’s targeting the right people. Here, you must know that the relevant audience for your content is highly appreciated as they come across your video with the choice of interest. And when this happens – eventually – your video engagement starts rising organically. So, the first step should be to have a goal for your video – so that you can design the thumbnail using relevant elements and stuff related to it and the particular audience.

Consider Using Online Thumbnail maker

Once you are geared up for designing your thumbnail, you must have some design space where you can design your ideas in clicks. This space can be a design software, tool, or any application. However, the most suggested is using a free thumbnail maker application. The Youtube thumbnail creator applications are generally a set of all-in-one programs that lets you play around with colors, themes, backgrounds, overlays, stickers, fonts, texts, and more. So you can design thumbnails of your choice.

Use colors that pop

Now, as you have all the tools and design space in your hands, you should focus on utilizing the color elements to add soul to your thumbnail. Watch out for colors like white, black, and gray, as well as blue and green—these colors can drain away viewer attention from other parts of your image, making it harder for them to engage with what’s happening in the image overall (and therefore reduce clicks). Take an example of any reputable channel’s video. They mostly use a dual-color pallet that makes their overall thumbnail appealing. It also matters what the theme or type of your video is. If it’s formal, go for darker shades; if it’s casual, go for brighter shades; if not funky or cold sort of content, consider lighter and soothing shades.

Use a catchy title or message that’s relevant to the video.

Telling the audience straight about the topic/intent of your video is a good move. You should consider adding a title with the keyword to tell people about your video’s prime goal. You can also make it enjoyable to make people curious. You can also add a spicy thrill to your words to sound wow-worthy. But no matter what, adding a title or phrase that conveys a message is a good thing in the thumbnail design process.

Include call-to-action

You want to encourage people to click on your thumbnail and watch your full video, so make sure there’s something in the image that will entice them. You can also use an image that shows people doing something, like playing sports or dancing. This will also give people a relaxed feel that will urge them to click your video.

Add a Logo or Name Of Your Channel

Including logos and channel names on your thumbnail is an overrated thing. But, still, many people don’t know about it. No matter what your video is about, you should always add your channel name/logo on the thumbnail – as it will help create an identity of your content. It is a way that will also help you become safe from copycats that are looking to steal the video. So, always add this step when designing a thumbnail for any video.


You’re a content creator and probably thinking about getting more views on your YouTube videos. People are coming to your videos for a reason—they want to learn something new, be entertained by your content, or both! So if you want those clicks to be yours, then focus on designing a catchy thumbnail using the mentioned tips. Also, make sure to stay unique and relevant to your video. And lastly, make your thumbnail look good in HD to make it highly attractive and aesthetic.