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Is the official page to YIFY Movies torrent download page or is the official website? First of all, you need to know that YTS is also known as YIFY. This serves as a very popular movies torrent download website where you can download new release movies in the best quality download format. Torrent or BitTorrent is one of the biggest distributive systems in which many free movie download websites make use. In other, for people to download movies and watch them offline. Currently, on the internet, there are lots of movies torrent download website like The Pirate Bay, RARBG, Torrentz2, and also YIFY Torrent. - YIFY YTS Movies Torrent Download | also referred to as YIFY Torrent is the official website to the YIFY movies torrent download site where you can download free YTS YIFY movies in a qualified format like 720p, 1080p, and also in 3D qualify. is one of the topmost widely used free movie download sites where you can access movies free download. One of the interesting aspects of YTS is that it offers you a wide range of movies. This comes in different years that include YTS YIFY 2021 movies, YTS YIFY 2020 movies. YTS YIFY 2019 movies, 2018 movies, and other YTS YIFY movies. The download YTS YIFY movies, homepage features amazing movies. This makes it easier to you to narrow down movies to download.

About is the official website of YIFY movies and also considered as the only official domain to the YTS YIFY Movies Torrent Download. The YTS Torrent movies download website is built with a simple and easy-to-use interface. Where you can easily gain access to popular downloads, the latest YIFY movies Torrents, Upcoming YIFY movies, and more. However, YTS Torrent has been here for a very long time. It best recognized for it consistent HD video quality that even comes in small file size, this actually drew the attention of many downloaders. The original YIFY YTS and its official website or were shut down by MPAA. Most of the numerous websites you see imitating the YIFY YTS is the clone website which is currently drawing a huge amount of traffic. Therefore, it’s very risky to download movies from the YTS torrent.

Features of

The feature of helps to build the torrent website which makes it easier for you to browse through thousands of movies on the website. One of the things in which doesn’t offer is TV Series. You can find the YIFY Tv Series or YTS Tv series on the homepage. The feature that helps categories movies to download on includes

  • YTS Home: the homepage is the first thing you see where you can find movies under popular download, the latest YIFY movies torrents, and upcoming YIFY movies.
  • YTS 4K: the feature contains 2160p 4K YIFY movies that include over 195 movies such as Captain America, The Hunger Games, Transformers, and more.
  • Trending: under this category, you can find the top YIFY trending movies on the YTS torrents movie download website.
  • YTS Torrents Browse Movies: on this page, more than 20,000 YIFY movies found in which you can explore.

In addition, you can explore your search by using filters such as Quality, Genres, Rating, Year, Language, and Order By. Another is the YTS YIFY Torrent Search engine which allows you to search for movies to download. Simply visit the YTS YIFY search engine icon, type in the movie, and use the download process to download from the website.

How to Download Movies from

First of all, the torrent magnet is no longer available and you can’t download YIFY movies from the torrent magnet. Bases on the risk involve on the YIFY YTS website, it’s advisable to make use of a strong VPN. Also, download the Torrent app on your download movies. If you don’t make use of a VPN while downloading torrents. This actually exposes your IP address and you might receive fines based on legal action. The legalization of YTS remains unblocked. Also, keep in mind, YTS Hindi in which you can find Bollywood movies or Tamil movies isn’t available as a feature.

The YIFY Browser app available for download where you can easily gain access to thousands of movies on your mobile phone. With the YTS YIFY browser app, you can browse thousands of popular movies to download and play directly on your device.

Is illegal

YTS online download website isn’t a streaming website but a download website that is considered an illegal movie downloader. is an illegal download site that offers pirated movies to millions of people worldwide. Some of the clone websites of include,,, YIFY.ats, and more. All these, that includes is not safe for people to visit and download movie.