Wikibuy – Find the Best Coupons, Loyalty, and Deals | Capital One Shopping

What is Wikibuy

Wikibuy currently known as Capital One Shopping serves as a web browser extension that offers you coupon codes when shopping or purchasing things online. It is built with an automated search engine that automatically searches for coupon codes. Most coupons sites will require you to manually apply for coupon codes via their website. But for Capital One Shopping or Wikibuy, they will automatically search for all available coupons included in checkout. Going down the history of Wikibuy, Capital One Shopping started off as Wikibuy in 2014. Later on, Capital One Bank bought Wikibuy and was changed to Capital One Shopping in 2020.

Wikibuy - Find the Best Coupons, Loyalty, and Deals | Capital One Shopping
Wikibuy – Find the Best Coupons, Loyalty, and Deals | Capital One Shopping

How Does Capital One Shopping Works

The way Capital One Shopping works is very simple, It available as Capital One Shopping website, Capital One Shopping Extension, and Capital One Shopping app. For the Capital One Shopping extension, you need to install the extension on your website. To signify that you have added the extension, you’ll see a new icon in the add-ons at the top corner of the web browser. To use the Capital One Shopping extension, you can select the icon when you want to check out items from any store or online shopping site.

Then you’ll a pop-up tab on your screen where you can see how many coupon codes are available for the product you want to purchase. Then, you can click the option Try Codes to apply the codes. That’s how the Capital One Shopping Coupon extension work.

Where is Wikibuy Available?

Just like I mentioned earlier, Wikibuy or Capital One Shopping is accessible as an extension on web browsers like Chrome, Edge, and Safari. Likewise, it is available in the mobile app as the Capital One Shopping app and website.

You can use Wikibuy on various online shopping sites that also includes popular shopping site that you know. You can earn rewards with Capital One Shopping Credits when you add your credit or debit card to your account.

How to Get Capital One Shopping

The PC, Android, and iPhone are compatible devices in which you can get Capital One Shopping. You can download the Capital One Shopping app on your Android device or iPhone. Simply visit the Google Play Store or iOS App Store and search for the Capital One Shopping app. Then, you can click Install or Ge to download the Capital One coupon app on your device.

However, to install the Wikibuy extension, you can simply visit the chrome web store and search for Capital One Shopping or visit the link to instantly direct you to the download page. Then you can click Add to chrome to install the extension on your web browser. 

Is Capital One Shopping Safe and Legit?

Yes, Capital One shopping is safe and legit, it’s owned by Capital One. Whereby offering users genuine services across various reputable online shopping websites like Walmart, Amazon, and more. It has millions of users and it’s rated as the top shopping platform to get valid coupons. However, using the app provides a convenient way to instant access products and more other services.