Where to Get a Money Order Near Me – Places to Get a Money Order Near Me

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Where can I get a money order or where can I buy a money order near me? In this article, you can find the simplest place to get a money order within your location. In the meantime, a money order is a guaranteed payment system that is an alternative to cash, checks, or credit cards. With a money order, you can easily secure transactions that include sending and receiving payments. However, this type of payment system is similar to checks but, there are prepaid, therefore, money orders don’t bounce.

Where to Get a Money Order Near Me - Places to Get a Money Order Near Me

There are variety of places where you can get a money order in your location including Walmart, the post office, and even your bank. But there are banks that do not offer money orders like Bank of America, American Express National Bank, and Member FDIC. Some of the popular banks where you can buy a money order include Chase, Wells Fargo, and others.

However, each bank, post office or shopping platform offers a different price for purchasing money orders. For chase, it cost $5 for up to $1000, but it is free with premium accounts. To purchase, you can visit any of their branches to purchase one. Keep in mind, that you can’t purchase money orders online. You need to visit the branch to request for one.

Places to Get a Money Order Near Me

There are dedicated places where one can get money orders. However, you need to be careful, because, there are lot of money orders scams. Therefore, verify that the money order you purchased is legitimate before making payment. There are the most legitimate and secure place to buy a money orders.

The Post Office (USPS)

USPS is one of the legitimate places where you purchase money orders. However, you can visit the USPS website to find the closest post office within your location where you can buy money orders. The cost of buying money orders from USPS depends on the amount of the money order.

Western Union

West Union is one of the best places where you can buy money orders. Western Union is a worldwide financial service and operates around the world. All you need to do is visit the Western Union website to find the closest western union within your location.

Banks and Credit Union

Your personal banks and also credit union are also some of the best places to purchase or cash money orders. Note that not all banks offer money orders, some of the banks or credit union to buy a money order includes Chase, Ally Bank, Citibank, U.S. Bank, and TD Bank. However, you can visit your respective banks or credit union and request for the payment order as well as price.

Grocery Stores

Shopping stores or grocery store is one of the fastest and accessible places to purchase money orders. This most popular store is Walmart, Fry’s, King Sooper’s, Kroger, and Meijer. However, you can contact any of the store customer services concerning purchasing money orders.


CVS is another place where you can ger money orders near me. However, CVS has over thousands of locations across the United States. Use the money order near me CVS to find the closest CVS near me.

Gas Stations That Do Money Orders Near Me

According to reports, there are several gas stations that do money orders, but not every gas station. Here are the following gas stations where you can get money orders near you.

  • 7 Eleven
  • Circle K
  • Kwik Trip
  • Minit Mart
  • QuikTrip
  • RacTrac
  • Royal Farms
  • Valero
  • Turkey Hill

However, the following gas station money order is issued by popular financial institutions such as MoneyGram and Western Union. Simply contact their store to find out availability for money orders to purchase and fees.

How to Fill Out a Money Order – Step-by-Step

Where to Cash a Money Order Near Me

If you’re looking for where you can cash out a money order. However, the best place where you can cash money orders is at the financial institution that issued it whether it’s the bank branch, post office, or any other location. Likewise, you can cash out your money at check-cashing locations, convenience stores, or grocery stores.

When cashing out your money order, you need to take note of the fee and you might need to provide identification. If you’re not in urgent need of the money, you can consider depositing it in your bank account. Banks accept U.S. Postal Service money orders which is one of the regular ways of checking at branches.