W3 Total Cache – How to Use W3 Total Cache

How can I set up the W3 Cache plugin? On the contrary, people that are web designers and programmers will be similar to this plugin especially if you make use of WordPress. Speeding up your website actually makes it a lot easier for visitors to search for other related content within just a few minutes. Plus, it helps to improve people engaging in your content and also generate more visitors to your website. The platform is actually a plugin for WordPress which helps you to increase your SEO and also users’ experiences of your site by increasing the speed & performances of your website. To use the W3 Total Cache plugin is very simple.

W3 Total Cache - How to Use W3 Total Cache | W3 Total Cache Plugin

Furthermore, there are exciting features and benefits of the W3 Total Cache plugin you need to try out. If your SEO is low or your website speed is 60 or 70% which is very slow. The plugin help to increase your website speed to 100% and also improve the workload on a feature like CDN (Content delivery network) and others. Hence, you can check out the benefits of the W3 Cache plugin.

The benefit of WordPress W3 Cache Plugin

Notwithstanding, the description above already sums up the benefits of choosing the W3 Total plugin. But aside from the description, there are certain benefits attached to the services and this includes:

  • Increase your SEO engine result page ranking.
  • Improvement on your website is more than you can imagine which includes Grade A in Webpagetest and others.
  • Also, an enhanced improvement in your conversion rates and also site performances.
  • The plugin also provides continuous repeat page views.

However, there are other benefits you can also enjoy when you install the plugin on your WordPress. Plus, the W3 Totalplugin provides key features in other to access the benefits of the services. Learn to install the W3 Total Cache on your WordPress.

How to Install the and Set up the W3 Total Cache Plugin

In the meantime, this aspect might be easier for web designers or programmers to set up the W3 Cache plugin on WordPress. But for beginners, you can use the following brief step to install and set up the plugin.

  1. Simply go to www.wordpress.org/plugins/w3-total-cache/ login your WordPress account.
  2. Another option you can visit is to install the plugin in the WordPress.org plugin directory.
  3. After installing you can then set up the general settings by enabling features such as Page Cache, Object Cache, and Browser Cache.
  4. Also, you can disable features like Minify, Database Cache, CDN, Reverse Proxy and Debug.

In summary, it’s mostly preferable to allow people with experiences to set up the plugin. Perhaps, you can also find more information from YouTube to see the various angle where you can enable and disable any setting of W3 Cache.