Voided Check – What Is a Voided Check? – How to Get a Voided Check Online

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Most time, checking accounts doesn’t mean it includes checks. This can also be used for receiving direct deposits and also make automated payments. These transactions make your finance very simple and also offers you full control of your deposits and withdrawals. In most cases, automated transactions are accepted online. Learn more about voided check in this article.

Voided Check - What Is a Voided Check? - How to Get a Voided Check Online
Voided Check – What Is a Voided Check? – How to Get a Voided Check Online

What is Voided Check?

A voided check actually means a check with the word “Void” written in the front of the paper check. When you see “VOID” on a check, this actually means that the financial institution should not accept the payment or check. However, the check can be used to gather information required for electronic payment.

When you see a voided paper check, this indicates that the check is invalid and not accepted for payment. This term is implied to other physical checks and also the check number you see written on the check. Most people write VOID across the check to implement protection from fraud. But the truth is that experience fraudsters can still make use of the information written on the check to forge a fake check on your account or use the void check to create an electronic payment and transfer. Therefore, it’s important that you carefully protect a void check. And the best way you can do that is to either shred them or file them securely.

What is a Voided Check used for?

Asides from the fact that a voided check doesn’t authorize payment, it can still be used for other purchases or transactions. Meaning, a voided check might look useless, but still serve some purpose, based on the fact that the information that includes your banking information can be used to create or forge another check. Here is the following purpose in which a voided check can be used for:

  • It can be used for direct deposit of salary or wages.
  • Also it can be used to authorize direct deposit for expense reimbursements.
  • To set up automated loan payments
  • To set up automated bill payment.

It can also be used for record-keeping when you mistakenly fill out the wrong information and you don’t want to shred it or throw it away. However, you must keep your banking information private, and it is good to shred it to protect your information from fraud or identity theft.

How to Get a Voided Check Online

Understand that it’s not recommendable to hand someone a blank check. They can easily fill out the information to withdraw money from your bank account. It always advisable to treat a check as if it was cash. This is the reason why employers request for a voided check in other to set up a direct deposit. There is the following way to make a void check,

  • You can write the word “VOID” in big letter in the middle of the check.
  • Also, you can write VOID in this following place.
  • Date live
  • Amount box
  • Amount line
  • Signature line.

In other to write the word “VOID”, you can use either a black or blue pen. Once you’ve voided the check, you need to read the void check number on your check register for record-keeping.