UK & European Breakdown Cover – Get the Right Cover

Embarking on a European adventure with your car? Exhilarating! But what if your trusty vehicle decides to take a break (not the planned kind) along the way? Unexpected breakdowns can throw a wrench in your travel plans and wallet. That’s where UK & European Breakdown Cover comes in as your knight in shining armor.

UK & European Breakdown Cover

This type of cover provides peace of mind and assistance if your car encounters trouble anywhere in Europe. Imagine a flat tire in the French countryside, a dead battery in a bustling Italian city, or even a more serious mechanical issue. With breakdown cover, a simple call connects you to English-speaking experts who’ll arrange repairs, recovery, or even get you and your car safely back to the UK.

Stay tuned for the next sections, where we’ll delve deeper into the types of cover available, what it typically includes, and why considering it might be the smartest move for your European road trip!


UK and European Breakdown Cover provides peace of mind and essential assistance when your vehicle breaks down in the UK or while you’re traveling in Europe. Here are some of the key benefits:

Roadside assistance

If your car breaks down, you can call the breakdown cover provider’s helpline for assistance. They will send a mechanic to try and fix the problem at the roadside. If they can’t fix it, they will arrange for your car to be towed to a garage.


If your car can’t be repaired at the roadside, the breakdown cover provider will arrange for it to be recovered to a garage. They will also cover the cost of transportation for you and your passengers to your destination or back home.

Homeward assist

If your car can’t be repaired within a reasonable timeframe, the breakdown cover provider will arrange for you and your passengers to be transported back home. This could be by car, train, ferry, or even air travel.

Replacement vehicle

Some breakdown cover policies include cover for a replacement vehicle if your car is off the road for more than a certain number of days. This can help you to continue your journey or get back home without too much disruption.


If your car breaks down and you need to stay overnight, some breakdown cover policies will cover the cost of accommodation for you and your passengers.

Translation services

If you break down in a country where you don’t speak the language, the breakdown cover provider can help you communicate with local repairers and recovery services.

Peace of mind

Knowing that you have a breakdown cover can give you peace of mind when you’re driving in the UK or Europe. You won’t have to worry about the financial implications of a breakdown, and you can be confident that you will get the help you need.

Types of UK & European Breakdown Cover

There are two main types of European Breakdown Covers:

1. Single Trip European Breakdown Cover:

  • Ideal for those taking one trip to Europe, typically for a holiday or short visit.
  • Covers you for a specific duration of your trip, usually ranging from a few days to a few weeks.
  • Generally cheaper than annual cover, but may not be cost-effective for frequent travelers.

2. Annual Multi-Trip European Breakdown Cover:

  • Suitable for frequent travelers who make multiple trips to Europe throughout the year.
  • Offers cover for an entire year, with individual trips typically limited to 30-90 days each.
  • More expensive than single trip cover, but can be more economical for regular travelers.

Additional Coverage Options:

  • Vehicle Cover vs. Personal Cover:
  • Vehicle cover applies to a specific car, regardless of the driver.
  • Personal cover applies to a specific driver, regardless of the car they are driving.
  • Home-Start: Covers breakdowns that occur before you even set off on your trip.
  • Onward Travel: Provides alternative transportation if your car cannot be repaired quickly.
  • Vehicle Repatriation: This covers the cost of transporting your car back to the UK if it cannot be repaired locally.
  • Misfuelling Cover: Assists with costs associated with accidentally putting the wrong fuel in your car.
  • Lost Key Cover: Helps with replacing lost or damaged car keys.

By understanding the different types of European Breakdown Cover and the available options, you can choose the policy that best suits your needs and ensures a smooth and stress-free travel experience.

What’s Included and Excluded

The inclusions and exclusions of European Breakdown Cover can vary greatly depending on the specific provider and policy you choose. However, here’s a general overview:

Typically Included:

  • Roadside assistance: This often includes services like jump starts, flat tyre changes, fuel delivery, and minor repairs.
  • Recovery: If your vehicle cannot be fixed at the roadside, it will be towed to a local garage for repairs.
  • Contribution towards repair costs: Some policies cover a set amount or percentage of repair costs, while others offer unlimited cover.
  • 24/7 helpline: Access to English-speaking assistance in case of a breakdown.
  • Translation services: Some providers offer help with communicating with local garages or authorities.

Possible Exclusions:

  • Non-emergency repairs: Routine maintenance or cosmetic repairs are usually not covered.
  • Parts and labor costs: Some policies only cover roadside assistance and recovery, and you might need to pay extra for repairs.
  • Specific vehicle types: Some providers exclude breakdown cover for certain types of vehicles like motorhomes or trailers.
  • Personal belongings: Breakdown cover typically doesn’t cover damage to personal belongings in your car.
  • Misfuelling: Accidental misfuelling might require additional cover.
  • Lost keys: Replacing lost or damaged keys may need a separate cover.
  • Onward travel and repatriation: Additional coverage might be needed for alternative transportation or bringing your car back home if repairs are extensive.

By understanding these general inclusions and exclusions, you can make an informed decision when choosing European breakdown cover for your trip. Remember, always double-check the specific details of your chosen policy to ensure you have the right coverage for your needs.

Choosing the Right European Breakdown Cover for Your Needs

Choosing the right European breakdown cover provider can be tricky with so many options available. Here are some key factors to consider:

Your Needs:

  • Frequency and Duration of Travel: Are you taking a single trip or multiple trips throughout the year? Opt for a single trip or annual multi-trip cover accordingly.
  • Level of Coverage: Do you need basic roadside assistance or comprehensive cover with onward travel and repatriation? Consider your budget and risk tolerance.
  • Vehicle Type: Does the provider cover your specific vehicle type, including motorhomes or trailers if applicable?

Provider Reputation and Reliability:

  • Customer Reviews and Ratings: Check independent review sites and customer forums to gauge user experiences.
  • Network Coverage: Consider the provider’s network of repairers and recovery partners across Europe, especially in your planned destinations.
  • Claims Handling Process: Research the provider’s claims process for ease and transparency.

Cost and Value:

  • Compare Quotes: Get quotes from several providers and compare inclusions, exclusions, and overall value.
  • Beware of Hidden Costs: Watch out for additional fees like call-out charges or excess payments.
  • Discounts and Promotions: Look for discounts offered by memberships, affiliations, or early bookings.

Additional Features:

  • 24/7 Assistance: Ensure access to English-speaking help in case of a breakdown.
  • Translation Services: Consider this if you’re unsure about communicating with local repairers.
  • Add-on Options: Explore add-ons like misfuelling cover, lost key cover, or personal accident cover based on your needs.

By carefully considering your needs, comparing options, and prioritizing reputable providers, you can choose the right European breakdown cover for a stress-free and secure journey.

Getting a Quote and Buying European Breakdown Cover

Once you’ve chosen the type of cover and narrowed down your preferred providers, obtaining a quote and purchasing cover is relatively straightforward. Here’s how:

Getting a Quote:

  • Visit provider websites: Most breakdown cover providers have online quote forms where you can enter your details and receive instant quotes.
  • Use comparison websites: Platforms like MoneySuperMarket, Compare the Market, and Which? allow you to compare quotes from multiple providers simultaneously.
  • Contact providers directly: Some providers offer quotes over the phone or via email if you prefer personalized assistance.

Required Information:

  • Personal details: Name, address, contact information.
  • Vehicle details: Make, model, registration number, age.
  • Trip details: Travel dates, countries visited, trip duration.
  • Cover level: Single trip or annual multi-trip, basic or comprehensive cover.
  • Additional options: Onward travel, misfuelling cover, etc.

Buying Cover:

  • Compare quotes: Analyze features, inclusions/exclusions, and price to find the best value.
  • Read the policy wording: Ensure you understand all terms and conditions before purchase.
  • Choose your policy: Select the option that best suits your needs and budget.
  • Payment: Follow the provider’s payment instructions, usually online or over the phone.
  • Confirmation: You’ll receive confirmation with policy details and contact information.

By following these steps and considering the tips mentioned, you can get a personalized quote, choose the right European breakdown cover, and enjoy a stress-free journey across Europe with peace of mind.