Twitter Card – How to Create a Twitter Card | Twitter Card Validator

What is Twitter card’s and how can I create a Twitter card? Probably, you can come across the Twitter Cards from someone or seen it on the internet. In this article, you can learn everything about Twitter Card and also how you can get started with features. Apparently, Twitter has more than 300 million active users and many businesses see it as a potent marketing platform to showcase their brands and services. However, Twitter introduces Twitter Cards which allows you to link quality videos, photos, and other media content to Tweets in other to help drive traffic to your business.

Twitter Card - How to Create a Twitter Card | Twitter Card Validator

On the contrary, for businesses to have more experience using Twitter has the means to showcase their business presence online. The platform offers different kinds of cards that actually help to show content in different formats such as previews, play video, and more. So as to increase the way people engage in your site as well as to drive traffic to your sites. Keep in mind, the type of the Twitter card consider as tools to help to drive engagement from your Tweet to your website.

Twitter Card Types – List of Tool to Drive Engagement from your Tweets

The method by which Twitter Card’s work is pretty simple. Where you simply add a few words to your makeup webpage and when users tweet to the link to your content will have access to the Card. However, there are four type of Card which have different functionality and experiences in which it built to perform.

  • Summary Card: this showcases content such as title, description and thumbnail.
  • Summary Card with Large Image: this is the same thing as the Summary Cars which comes with a prominent featured image.
  • App Card: this card provides you with a direct download to a mobile app.
  • Player Card: with this card, you can showcase content like video, audio, and media.

These are the following type of Cards and you can learn how to get started with the Card so as to increase the engagement on your website. You can view the step-by-step procedure to use the Card meta tags for set up your business engagement.

How to Create a Twitter Card

One of the fascinating tools is the Twitter card validator which allows you to text your Card. For instance, when you put your Card URL on the Twitter Card Validator. This actually tests the card to see if it effective to use. Here are the steps to get started:

To Create a Twitter Card:

  • Select the preferable card you want to implement.
  • Then you can enter current meta tags to the page.
  • Afterward, you can visit the Card Validator  and enter the URL to your card metadata.
  • After you have texted the card in the validator, then Twitter Card is set.

In addition, you can then Tweet the URL to see if the Card appears below your tweet. This will eventually help you to drive thousands of traffic from twitter straight to your website for people to engage in your services or brands.

About the Drive App Downloads from your Tweets

One of the interesting features of the Twitter card is the App Card which actually helps to direct traffic for people to download your app from your tweets. In other words, in the effort the help drives more engagement to your platform, the App Card allows you to boost your app presence to millions of users. For people to be able to download your application from mobile apps.