The Best Auto Insurance Companies in New York State

What are the best auto insurance companies in New York State? The most popular auto insurance in the United States includes USAA, Geico, and State Farm. These are considered the most profound car insurance provider in the United States and across various states in the United States like New York, Texas, New Jersey, and more. According to reports, these three are the best car insurance provider in the states followed by Progressive and Allstate.

The Best Auto Insurance Companies in New York State
The Best Auto Insurance Companies in New York State

Not all states require car insurance, but in New York States, drivers or vehicle owners are quires to have car insurance or even a state minimum car insurance. In the article, we will provide the best auto insurance companies in New York.

In terms of acquiring a car insurance policy, you need to find a suitable car insurance company that offers you the best auto insurance policy that suits your financial health. However, you can find suitable cheapest car insurance in New York that suits your budget. Also, when shopping for the cheapest car insurance rates in New York or any other state, it is important that you compare their auto insurance rates to choose the best car insurance that suits you.

How Much Does Auto Insurance Cost in New York State?

There are so many activities you can enjoy in New York State, but their car insurance rates is not something you can enjoy. Due to the high cost of living in the state and the huge traffic jam in the urban areas, finding the best auto insurance that suits your budget can be very difficult. Certain factors affect the rate of looking for the best cheap car insurance company.

Based on the reports, the average cost of full car insurance in New York for a year is about $2,111 per year and about $176 for a month. But there are other cheaper rates, all you need to do is compare car insurance companies to find the cheapest car insurance rates.

Insurance CompanyAnnual rateMonthly rate
State Farm$1,833$153

The Cheapest Car Insurance in New York

Just like I mentioned earlier, certain factors determine the rate of how cheap car insurance can be. The car insurance rate for a teen driver can be different from a young adults driver. But according to reports, Progressive is the cheapest car insurance in New York which is about $666 a year. Here is a comparison of the cheapest car insurance in New York state.

New York Rates for Teen Drivers

Company17-year old females17-year-old males
American Family Insurance$12,369$14,808
NYCM Insurance$6,266$7,290
State Farm$4,928$6,229
Statewide Average$5,397$6,568

Best Auto Insurance Rate for Young Adult in New York

Company25-year-old females25-year-old males
State Farm$1,997$2,082
Statewide Average$2,167$2,277
NYCM Insurance$3,160$3,220
American Family Insurance$4,928$5,268

Cheap Car Insurance for Drivers with Poor Credit in New York

CompanyAverage Annual Rate
Statewide Average$3,735
State Farm$3,884
NYCM Insurance$5,397
American Family Insurance$5,902

The table above shows that with a poor credit score, you can find the best auto insurance rate not with Progressive but with Geico or Allstate.

Best Auto Insurance Companies in the New York States

Talking about the best car insurance company in New York, USAA stands as the best auto insurance company in New York state. But aside from USAA, there are other reputable lists of car insurance companies in NY considered as best.

  • USAA
  • State Farm
  • Geico
  • Allstate
  • Progressive
  • Travelers
  • NYCM Insurance
  • American Family Insurance
  • Statewide Average

In addition, if you’re looking for among the list of insurance companies mentioned above who has the cheapest car insurance in New York. Progressive is the no1 cheapest car insurance in New York.