Stipendium Hungarian Scholarship – Fully Funded Studies in Hungary

Do you dream of pursuing top-notch education in the heart of Europe, surrounded by rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning landscapes? Look no further than the Stipendium Hungarian Scholarship, Hungary’s prestigious scholarship program for international students like you!

Stipendium Hungarian Scholarship

Imagine yourself strolling through the cobblestone streets of Budapest, gazing at the majestic Danube River, and immersing yourself in the city’s world-renowned thermal baths. With the Stipendium Hungaricum, this isn’t just a dream, it’s an attainable reality. This fully-funded scholarship covers your tuition fees, provides a monthly stipend, and even offers support for accommodation, making studying in Hungary accessible and worry-free.

So, pack your bags, prepare for an unforgettable chapter, and get ready to discover the endless possibilities that await you with the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship. In the next paragraphs, we’ll delve deeper into the program’s benefits, eligibility requirements, and application process, guiding you step-by-step toward achieving your academic aspirations in Hungary.

Benefits of Stipendium Hungarian Scholarship

The Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship program offers a wide range of benefits for international students looking to pursue higher education in Hungary. Here are some of the key advantages:


  • Full tuition coverage: The scholarship covers the full tuition fees for your chosen degree program at any accredited Hungarian university.
  • Monthly stipend: You receive a monthly stipend to cover your living expenses, including accommodation, food, and other necessities. The amount currently varies depending on the level of study (Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral) and ranges from €850 to €1,400 per month.
  • Travel allowance: You receive a one-time travel allowance to help cover your initial travel costs to Hungary.


  • Wide range of courses: You can choose from a diverse range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs offered by renowned Hungarian universities in various fields, including agriculture, engineering, humanities, medicine, and natural sciences.
  • High-quality education: Hungary boasts a strong academic reputation with many universities ranked highly in international rankings.
  • Opportunity to learn Hungarian: You can participate in a free Hungarian language course offered by your host institution.


  • International experience: You gain valuable international experience by studying and living in Hungary, immersing yourself in a new culture and expanding your network.
  • Personal and professional development: The program provides opportunities for personal and professional development through various events, workshops, and cultural activities.
  • Career boost: Studying in Hungary can enhance your CV and provide a competitive edge in the international job market.

Eligibility criteria for Stipendium Hungarian Scholarship

The Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship program has specific eligibility criteria that applicants must meet to be considered for the award. Here’s a summary of the key points:


  • Be a citizen of a country listed as eligible (check the official website for the complete list).
  • Have a valid passport or travel document.
  • Not be a Hungarian citizen or hold permanent residency in Hungary.
  • Not be already enrolled in a degree program in Hungary at the time of application.
  • Meet the specific academic requirements for the chosen program (vary depending on the program).
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the language of instruction (English or Hungarian).

Additional criteria

Undergraduate programs

  • Hold a high school diploma with excellent academic results.
  • Meet any additional program-specific requirements.

Master’s programs

  • Hold a recognized Bachelor’s degree with excellent academic results.
  • Meet any additional program-specific requirements.

Doctoral programs

  • Hold a recognized Master’s degree with excellent academic results.
  • Meet any additional program-specific requirements.

Other considerations

  • Age limitations might apply to certain programs.
  • Work experience, research achievements, and publications can strengthen your application.
  • Demonstrating an interest in Hungarian culture and society is beneficial.

How to apply for Stipendium Hungarian Scholarship

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to apply for the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship:

1. Check your eligibility

  • Ensure you meet the general eligibility criteria mentioned previously.
  • Verify your country is listed as eligible on the official website.
  • Confirm you haven’t been awarded the scholarship previously.

2. Choose your program

  • Browse the list of offered programs on the official website.
  • Consider your academic interests, career goals, and language preferences.
  • Carefully review the program-specific requirements and admission deadlines.

3. Register and create an account

  • Visit the online application portal:
  • Register with your email address and create a secure password.
  • Fill in your personal information and contact details accurately.

4. Complete the application form

  • Follow the provided instructions to fill out the online application form meticulously.
  • Provide details about your educational background, work experience, and achievements.
  • Upload all required documents in the specified format and size.
  • Write a compelling motivation letter explaining your aspirations and fit for the chosen program.
  • Ensure all information is accurate and complete before submitting.

5. Upload required documents

  • Prepare scanned copies of the following documents (check website for latest updates):
  • Passport or travel document
  • Academic transcripts and diplomas
  • Standardized test scores (if applicable)
  • Curriculum vitae (CV) or resume
  • Motivation letter
  • Recommendation letters (for Master’s and PhD applicants)
  • Research proposal (for PhD applicants)
  • Language certificates (English or Hungarian)
  • Medical certificate (if nominated)

6. Send your application

  • Review your application thoroughly for any errors or missing information.
  • Submit your application online before the deadline (typically January 15th).
  • Pay the application fee (if applicable).

Application tips for Stipendium Hungarian Scholarship

Before you apply

  • Start early: The application process can be competitive, so give yourself plenty of time to gather all the required documents and prepare your application materials.
  • Read the eligibility criteria carefully: Make sure you meet all the requirements before you start applying. You can find the eligibility criteria on the Stipendium Hungaricum website.
  • Choose your program wisely: Do your research and choose a program that you are genuinely interested in and that aligns with your academic goals.
  • Prepare your documents: Gather all the required documents well in advance. The required documents may vary depending on your program, but typically include:
  • A completed application form
  • A motivation letter
  • A CV or resume
  • Academic transcripts
  • Proof of language proficiency
  • Letters of recommendation
  • A copy of your passport

Writing your application:

  • Focus on your academic achievements and research experience. Highlight your academic strengths and any relevant research experience you have.
  • Demonstrate your passion for your chosen field of study. Explain why you are interested in the program you have chosen and what you hope to achieve.
  • Write a strong motivation letter. This is your chance to make a personal impression on the selection committee. Be clear, concise, and persuasive in explaining why you are the best candidate for the scholarship.
  • Proofread your application carefully. Make sure there are no typos or grammatical errors.

Deadline for Stipendium Hungarian Scholarship

The deadline for the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship for the academic year 2024/2025 has already passed. The application period closed on January 15th, 2024, at 14:00 CET.

However, if you’re interested in applying for the next academic year, you’ll need to wait until the next application period opens. The exact dates for the next application period haven’t been announced yet, but it’s typically sometime in October or November of the previous year. You can keep an eye on the official Stipendium Hungaricum website for updates:

I recommend checking the website regularly and setting up a reminder for yourself so you don’t miss the next application deadline.

In the meantime, you can use this time to research potential programs, improve your academic performance, and gather the necessary documents for your application.