State Farm Roadside Assistance – How Much Does State Farm Roadside Assistance Cost

Is roadside assistance free with State Farm or what does State Farm emergency road service cover? In this article, you can learn more about State Farm emergency road service.

State Farm Roadside Assistance - How Much Does State Farm Roadside Assistance Cost

What is State Farm Roadside Assistance

On the contrary, based on the definition of roadside assistance, State Farm roadside assistance also commonly referred to as breakdown coverage under vehicle insurance provides assistance to motorists or bicyclists whose vehicle has been stranded due to mechanical failure.

When you’re left stranded on the roadside due to some breakdown of your vehicle and don’t know what to do, the State Farm emergency road service provides you with mechanical assistance to keep you on the road with its various services that include car tows, battery jumpstarts, fuel delivery, flat tire replacement and more.   

In other words, State Farm provides you with services that include towing and labor services when your vehicle is mechanically faulty. It also comes with a 24-hour emergency roadside service, which means you don’t need to worry.

How Much Does State Farm Roadside Assistance Cost?

However, purchasing State Farm roadside assistance policy costs around $15 per 6 months. This provides customers a convenient way to request roadside assistance online or by phone. State Farm offers free towing to the closest repair shop or facility for their roadside assistance customers.

However, to confirm the State Farm emergency road service cost, you can contact an agent because the cost varies based on location and vehicle. Also, the billing will go to State Farm directly, so you might not need to pay for the upfront cost. However, you can still have to hold some money in your pock for tires, gas, batteries, and other items.

What Does State Farm Roadside Assistance Cover?

The State Farm emergency road service coverage includes an insurance policy you enjoy with the service. According to State Farm, the emergency road service coverage or emergency road service coverage got you covered when your vehicle breaks down or becomes with emergency service that includes:

State Farm roadside assistance coverage:

  • Towing to the nearest repair facility if the vehicle is undrivable.
  • It offers you someone that will repair your vehicle at the breakdown site (up to one hour).
  • Towing if the car is stuck or on the public road.
  • It delivers gas, oil, battery, and change of tire.
  • Locksmith labor to help open your car if you misplaced or lost the key or locked inside the car.
  • It offers one hour of mechanical labor for electrical problems, transmission issues, fluid leaks, and others.

What is Not Included by Emergency Road Service Coverage

  • Labor cost if more than one hour of repair.
  • The emergency road service does not cover towing costs if the towing cost is more than what it meant to be to tow your vehicle to the nearest repair location.

However, the following roadside assistance covers only the insured vehicle. Plus, to find out other limitations, you can easily contact or speak with a licensed agent to check for additional coverage.

State Farm Roadside Assistance Provider Application

If you need emergency roadside coverage from State Farm, there are two ways to connect with an emergency road service application to get a quote. This includes online from your computer or mobile device and also by phone. Here is the following step to how to get a state farm roadside assistance quote.

How to get roadside assistance quote online:

Get emergency roadside coverage by phone

However, if you’re having issues going through the online application, you don’t need to worry. Simply use the call line to contact a customer representative for immediate assistance. The phone number is displayed on the application page.

Phone Number for State Farm Roadside Assistance

Contacting State Farm customer service is very simple and it offers you 24/7 emergency roadside service. However, you can find State Farm’s roadside assistance phone number online and use the number to contact their service provider.

State Farm Roadside Assistance App

For a convenient way to contact the emergency road service, the State Farm app is available and support both Android and iOS device where you can contact a customer service provider and also perform other activities.