Snapchat Dark Mode – Does Snapchat Have a Dark Mode | How to Turn on Dark Mode On Snapchat

Does Snapchat have a dark mode or how do I turn on the Snapchat dark mode? Lately, many social networking services have started adding the features known as “Dark Mode” to their mobile app. We have the like of Instagram, Messenger, Twitter and other services. On the contrary, the efficiency of the dark mode on the mobile app is to help to reduce the brightness so as not to cause damage to your eye. However, the dark mode enables a night version that helps to reduce eye strain in low light conditions.

Furthermore, Snapchat is an additive and ubiquitous multimedia messaging app that provides you with features to take or snap pictures and also messages friends nearby. The features that make the platform popular are the filters & lenses which allow you to apply amazing image bitmoji or emoji to create a colorful picture. However, you can learn more about the Snapchat dark mode below, while you continue reading.

Is there a Dark Mode for Snapchat?

Just like I mentioned earlier, there are lots of mobile social networking app that already integrated the dark mode into their mobile software. In other to enhance better visualization and also to help reduce eye problems. Unfortunately, Snapchat hasn’t integrated the built-in mode feature to the Snapchat app. This is too bad based on the fact that most of the classic app has already integrated the features. So as to reduce the harsh blue light from your mobile screens.

However, the feature is currently one of the discussions within the Snapchat community. Whether Snapchat is thinking of adding the built-in dark mode to it amazing Snapchat app. In addition, beside the fact that there isn’t a built-in dark mode on the Snapchat mobile app. There are other features or them in you implement if you’re addicted to Snapchat and you’re having an eye problem.

How to Use Dark Mode on iOS

On the contrary, if you’re currently on the iOS platform like the iPhone or iPad. You can apply some features or themes to turn on the dark mode whenever you want to use Snapchat. However, the Nightmare is considered the option in case you think of turning on the dark mode in Snapchat.

But the fact is that the Nightmare is not accessible on the App Store, but you can go to the Cydia and install the app on your device. Afterward, once the app is installed you can extract the package. Then, follow the instruction you see to turn on the dark mode on the iOS devices.

How to Turn on Snapchat Dark Mode Feature on Android

In the meantime, for android users as well as, you can also use the app know as Dark mode which apparently, it’s a separate app. You can install the dark mode app on the Google Play store and then turn on the feature from the app. However, the application only helps to activate your device night mode. Thereby, reducing the brightness that comes from other applications.

In summary, another logic you can try out to turn on the Snapchat dark mode is by placing your hand in front of the camera lens. Then you can use something to block the camera light. Afterward, the built-in camera will think it’s dark. Then a white moon icon appears on your screen and you can click on it. However, if you’re in a dark room without even blocking the lens it automatically enters night mode.