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Is Skype for Business part of the Offer 365 services? Or perhaps does the Office 356 business premium cones with Skype. However, in case you have questions about Skype for Business, you can find out more about the services. As well as how you can download the software with the use of Office 365. On the contrary, Microsoft Office 365 is a popular line of subscription service that offers plans for home such as (Office 365 Home, Office 365 personal, Office Home & Student). While for business (Office 365 Business, Office 365 Business Premium and Office 365 Business Essentials).

However, Skype for Business is actually an enterprise instant messaging software which was formerly known as Office Communicator use in communicating with people or business partner in real-time. Skype alone is telecommunication, VoIP, Videoconferencing, and also and instant messaging software which is used in making video and voice calls through computer tablets, mobile, and other internet-connected devices. The office app works effectively like Microsoft Teams in Office 365 that allows you to connect, share and collaborate with the provided tools.

Is Software Part of 365 Services

Based on the description stated above, there are some of the Office 365 lines of subscription that comes with the software. However, based on the question, Yes, Office 365 suite offers members with instant messaging software. Moreover, Skype for business online is among the services provided on the Office 365 suite of products. The application functions similarly to the Microsoft teams where you can communicate effectively. Thereby creating a group chat or online meeting, work together with the collaboration tools and lots more.

Is Software Free? How to Download Free Microsoft Skype for Business Basic

On the contrary, there are some of the downloading processes that require payment. For instance, to download and install Skype for business online from Office 365 suits, you need to have purchased the subscription plans. In other to be able to download the application from Office 365. However, in terms of downloading the Skype business for free, you need to opt for a free plan

Furthermore, Skype for Business Basic allows you to download and install the application for free. But offers you limited sets of features that include, online meetings, instant messaging, and also sharing capabilities. You can click on the to download the free application.

How to Install and Download Skype for Business Windows

Like I already mentioned, another option you can download and install the software that comes with unlimited sets of features is Office 365. Therefore, you need to be an admin of any of the Office 365 suit to download the application.

  1. First of all, go to to sign in Office 365.
  2. Then, from the Office 365 page, you can click on the setting icon and select Office 365.
  3. Select the option Software and then select the name of the software.
  4. Also, select the Language and click Install.
  5. Then, click Save and click Run.

Keep in mind, the section of accessing the application depends on your Office 365 plan. Or if the application is bundled with the Office 365 applications. Finally, wait until the installation of the application is completed. You can sign in your email account and start using the application.

Download and Install Skype for Business Mac

On the contrary, another device you can install software is on your Mac. The Skype for Business for Mac downloading procedure is similar to the Windows download process. Hence, you can need to be an admin to download and install the Microsoft Skype for business.

  1. Likewise, sign in your Office 365 account with the link above.
  2. Then, go to the setting, under Software, click the software name
  3. Click Install and on your Dock, you can as well lick Downloads.
  4. Then, select Open Finder and choose the application file.

Finally, follow the on-screen instruction in the Skype for Business installer in other to install the application on Mac. Also, after installing, you can sign in to the application on the Mac.