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What is SEO Law? In the article, you can learn more about the SEO Laws. In the meantime, the SEO Laws varies in a different meaning. Based on the fact that most people will think it’s all about Search Engine Optimization when it comes to building a law blog. Actually, the is quite different, because, SEO Law is set to help graduating lawyers of future lawyers to survive in law school and also have an excellent result in their careers.

SEO Law - Apply to SEO Law Programs | SEO Law Fellowship

A story resurfaces online where Donna Scaffidi aspires in becoming an attorney at the age of seven-year-old. While in college, she began to sort out a lot of her targeted law schools. She also made a research on LinkedIn looking for diverse students and also a former student from the target law schools. To just visualize herself in the background and the pathway in becoming a corporate lawyer. During the course of the investigation, she came across a similar factor among reputable profile of accomplished law students which is the SEO Law Program. Then, we made deep research about the program and she admitted to the SEO Law Fellowship Program.

About SEO Law

On the contrary, SEO Law commonly referred to as SEO Law Fellowship, known to identify, train, and develop future lawyers that include talented black, Hispanic, and also Native American law students. Majorly available for summer internships who attend the nation’s premier law firms. The main purpose of the program is to help increase the recruitment of future aspiring attorneys to be part of the firms like Ms. Scaffidi and other fellow incoming las students. Over 1300 applicant usually selected every year to participate in the program. Involved law firms get to receive incoming law students to have their summer internships with them. Hence, this is to prefer and train you throughout your internship in the film.

According to reports, 44 of American top law firms goes into selected aspiring underrepresented law student from SEO Law Fellowship Program into summer internships in which they can the move into a law school. Also, according to the success of the program, 128 of SEO Law alumni now works in the large department in law firms like General Counsel, Chief Legal Officer, and more.

How to Apply for SEO Law 2021

First of all, the platform offers two programs that include SEO Law Fellowship and Catalyst By SEO Law. However, the application to any of the programs closed. You can visit the website to start acting on recent information.