PS5 – PS5 Release Date, Price, and Games | New SONY PlayStation 5 Coming Out

Is the PS5 coming out, how long will it takes for the PlayStation 5 to come out and what will be the price of PS5? Millions and millions of people are seamlessly awaiting the release of the new upcoming home video game console which is apparently owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment. On the contrary, the PlayStation 5 is actually the next generation of the series of PlayStation released by Sony which comes with exciting and incredible features. I know a lot of people can’t wait for the official launching of the PlayStation 5 and likewise me.

PS5 - PS5 Release Date, Price, and Games | New SONY PlayStation 5 Coming Out

In the meantime, it’s have been a long run for Sony over the occupy of year for its effort on the online gaming console been emerged as the winner in home console wars. However, the PlayStation 5 will apparently overpower the PS4 becoming the new successor. The platform has already started notifying people of some incredible features in which will be integrated into the new generation PlayStation.  But initially, Sony is not yet ready to unveil the entire feature and expectation of the next generation of PlayStation.

What is the PS5 Release Date

On the contrary, Sony officially made a confirmation that the release of the PlayStation 5 could come or released in time for Holiday 2020 in the United States. Therefore, most likely should be released between the month of October down to December. But based on the suggestion and how things might turn on to be. It’s most likely that the official release date of the PS5 will be November 2020 but it’s not confirmed yet. Moreover, the new releases of the PS5 seem to have a competition with Microsoft Xbox Series X which was formally known as Xbox Project Scarlett. Based on the finding, Microsoft Xbox Series X also will be releasing in time for Holiday 2020.

What is the PlayStation 5 Price?

Sony is very secretive with the information it releases to people. But, the PS5 price tag is yet to be officially confirmed. However, the main reason why Sony hasn’t released the officially PS5 price is that they haven’t deliberated on how much the next-gen game console will be. Moreover, the PS4 has a very successful sales based on the fact that it lowers its price for people to be able to afford. But the PS5 might be a little bit different, meaning that it might not be quite as affordable as the PS4.

Furthermore, during the quarterly forecast as reported by Twinfinite the pricing analysis was made by the Ace Research that the new home video game console will launch for the price of $499. That’s apparently a $100 plus to the price of the PS4 and also the PS4 Pro in which it was sold.

What Games Will be on PlayStation 5?

Rest assured that the PS5 games come with a fascinating one and all the games listed or found on the PS4 games will integrate on the next-gen gaming console. Moreover, during the event at The Game Awards 2019, Counterplay Games “Godfall” actually revealed as the first games that will appear on the PlayStation 5. Which expected to officially released during the official launched of the PS5. 

In addition, other confirmed games expected to be among the PS5 games includes the following, The Lord of the Rings, Gollum, Watch Dogs, Legion, Gods and Monsters, Rainbow Six Quarantine, Outriders and also includes untitled games from gaming source like Bluepoint Games. Also, the next-gen console will be compatible with the PlayStation VR games as well. In conclusion, you can sign up for the PlayStation PS5 explore page in other to be the first among the billions of people to get updates on the PS5 release date, PS5 price and also the up and coming roster for the launching of the PS5 games. Visit and provide your information.