PayPal Fundraising – How to Set up PayPal Fundraising Page

How does PayPal work for Fundraising or How do I set up a PayPal donation page? Learn how to set up PayPal fundraising page. In terms of the biggest payment service in the world today, PayPal continues to remain at the top of the best payment services or digital payment services.

There are wide services of PayPal which include Loans, Working Capital, Fundraising, and lots more. PayPal Fundraising is one of the powerful tools to raise money for personal use or non-profits organization. However, there are different type of donation provides which includes personal Fundraising and Non-profits fundraising.

PayPal Personal Fundraising | How to PayPal Donation Page

Yes, PayPal offers you online donation tools or donation tools where you can raise money for personal reasons. Personal fundraising with PayPal appears as one of the fastest and most easy ways to raise funds from your social network that includes your friends, colleague, families, and other loved ones. The platform allows you to set up a social network in which you can chip in people you known to reach your donation target.

Tools for Personal Fundraising with PayPal:

  • PayPal Donate Button: the PayPal donate button is a tool in which people can make donations to your cause. You can add a donate button to your fundraising page or website, blog, or email to receive funds. It offers you 2.9% + $0.30/transaction and with no monthly fee.
  • On the go: PayPal Here is another tool that provides you a secure and ideal tool to create attractive personal fundraising in person. You can download the PayPal Here app to instantly accept payment.
  • Email Donations: this email donations enables you to send a donation request to people you known with the use of email or mobile with your PayPal account.

To Get Started with Personal Fundraising:

  • Go to on your web browser.
  • Click on Get Started Today.
  • Select either your Personal Account or Business Account and click Next.
  • Next, click on log in or sign up to set up your PayPal account.

Afterward, you can follow the rest instructions to set up a donation page through PayPal. Once you can set up your PayPal donation page, you can see the PayPal fundraising link to people to donate to your course.

Fundraising for Nonprofits | How to Set up Donation Campaign for Nonprofits

On the contrary, fundraising for Nonprofits is another apart where you can raise money on PayPal. This is similar to the like of Facebook fundraiser where you can raise funds for non-profitable organizations and lots more. The interesting aspect of using PayPal for donation is that over 300 million users connected with over 200 markets. Therefore, make it easier to connect with more donors from various part of the page. 

Plus, using donation tools make it easier to receive donation bases on the fact that, in 2019, non-profits organization receive a total of $16 billion through PayPal. In other to opt-in for the fundraising for Non-profits. You can visit the like and set up a PayPal giving fund.