PayPal Alternative – 5 Best Alternative of PayPal | Top Online Payment Services

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What alternative is better than PayPal or what best PayPal alternative can I use other than PayPal? Without denying the fact PayPal is still one of the biggest names when it comes to electronic methods of payment. However, PayPal is the largest worldwide online payment service that enables online transactions. It also serves as an electronic alternative other than traditional method payment such as check or money order. But aside from using PayPal account, there are other best PayPal alternatives electronic payments similar to PayPal.

On the contrary, there are so many PayPal competitors that also offers best services like PayPal. In this article, we will mention some of the PayPal competitors or alternative payment service you can use like PayPal. Based on our understanding PayPal is the best online payment service. But asides from being the best electronic payment company in the world, it also comes with a downside. Some of the reason why most people checkout for PayPal alternative or companies like PayPal. Because the protection for sellers doesn’t include selling digital products. Also, other PayPal competitors charges at a lower rate than PayPal does.

5 Best Alternative to PayPal

In the meantime, there are some fascinating services or apps that provided the same interface and even better like PayPal. However, we will just make a quick review of some of the services for you to go try out. Here are the following competitors that comes with the same feature and similarity to PayPal:


On the contrary, TransferWise is best for individuals and also serves as a business-wise. That comes with a high volume of international online transactions. Also, the services offer the fastest and easiest way to send and receive money internationally. However, TransferWise is available on iOS and Android devices.

Google Pay

Another fascinating best alternative PayPal payment service is Google Pay. This allows users to purchase items or products on in-app, in-store and also on the website. All you need to do is add your credit card or debit card details to your Google Pay account.


On the contrary, Stripe serves as one of the best alternatives for PayPal. Based on its intuitive and flexible API it provides to businesses. The Stripe appears as one of the most common alternatives to PayPal and also offers you payment solutions.


This is also one of the respected and popular electronic payment services that’s recommended for small to medium-sized businesses. Using Payoneer for your business actually helps secure your business transaction and also gets paid quickly.

Shopify Payment

Also, this is another PayPal alternative and it’s best for eCommerce businesses. However, Shopify enables a similar interface to PayPal. Where eCommerce businesses can accept credit and debit cards to shop for items directly on the Shopify store.

List of Best PayPal Alternative for eBay

However, some of the online payment services mentioned above can be used for personal use. But there is some PayPal alternative for eBay. As many of us are well aware, before, PayPal, the use of paper payment was one of the means of eBay transactions. But aside from using paper payment, there are other alternatives for eBay to try out:

  1. Moneybookers/Skrill
  2. Payment and ProPay
  3. Escrow
  4. Pay on Pickup
  5. Merchant credit card.

In summary, you can visit the following payment services that are mentioned above to find more information. Aside from the following, PayPal still remains best online payment services in the world and also the most acceptable payment services.