Paychex Flex – 2022 Reviews About Paychex Flex

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Looking for a suitable online payroll service, Paychex is one of the topmost widely used online payroll services by millions of companies worldwide. Without a doubt, Paychex Flex has a powerful set of payroll and HR features useful to improve your business but with different pricing.

Paychex Flex - 2022 Reviews About Paychex Flex

What is Paychex Flex

In the meantime, Paychex Flex serves as a cloud-based payroll service, known to be one of the most popular payroll software. Paychex is a good option for businesses looking to grow their business. It helps in growing your business by offering you powerful tools. They offer you three suitable plans and also a wide range of add-on services that enable an easy and effective way to scale your company.

But it price of different plans offered can serve as a drawback to most companies. The basic package GO is more expensive compared to the basic plans offered by its competitors. Initially, PaychexFlex does not showcase its pricing information, to find out the pricing. All you need to do is request pricing by filling out information concerning your company.

How Does Paychex Flex Work?

Paychex Go is the company’s basic payroll package, you can visit the page and sign up for an account online where you can run payroll 24 hours. The will start when you have successfully submitted information about your company.

The Flex Select and Enterprise is a plan offered by Paychex, with the plan you get to receive a custom price quote after filling out the required company information online. The prices for this depend on certain factors that include features, size, and also the complexity of your business.

After you have successfully set up your account. The dashboard will show the full detail of your previous payroll with a reminder of your next payroll. You can easily access standard payroll ports and other relevant information for your account manager.

How Much Does PaychexFlex Cost?

First of all, you need to understand that Paychex offers different type of plan or payroll packages that includes GO, Flex Select, and Flex Enterprise. The Paychex Flex Select and Flex Enterprise do not have a particular price or pricing information. Only the Paychex Go comes with a fixed price. In terms of the price for Flex Select and Flex Enterprise, it’s stated that it depends on the number of employees. Also how regularly payroll is processed. Paychex also includes add-on services in which you can also opt for, this includes:

  • Paychex’s time tracking software
  • Human resource software
  • Insurance services like health insurance and business insurance.
  • 401 (k) & Retirement plans and health savings accounts.
  • Tax credit finder.
  • Payroll protection.

Benefits of Paychex Flex

First of all, what you need to know is that Paychex is the award-winning services and integrated HR & Payroll service in the world today. Here are the following benefits of PaychexFlex:


One of the suitable aspects of PaychexFlex is that it allows you to add a lot of services and features. Especially for users under the Paychex Flex Select and Flex Enterprise package. Go offers you limited feature, but Flex Select and Flex Enterprise offers you full feature & benefits.

Access to Dedicated Payroll Specialist

When you see some payroll companies you find out that they offer just a basic level of customer support. Most will offer you expert help whenever you have an issue. As for Paychex Flex, members of Flex Select and Enterprise enjoy a dedicated payroll specialist right from the time you start with Paychex till you end.

Powerful Reporting and HR Services

Members of Flex Select and Flex Enterprise enjoy amazing benefits offered by Paychex that includes HR services and more.

In conclusion, there are other alternatives to Paychex Flex that includes QuickBooks Payroll, Gusto, Run Powered by ADP, Paycor. ADP Workforce Now, Workday HCM, Ceridian Dayforce, Paylocity, and also Rippling.