Office 365 Business – What is Microsoft 365 Business | Download Office 365 Business

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What is Office 365 business and how can I download? Or perhaps how much does it cost to buy office 365 business? On the contrary, Office 365 is actually a line of subscription services provided by the very own Microsoft as one of the parts of the Microsoft Office product line or Microsoft Corporation. In other words, it is one of the Microsoft Office 365 lines of subscription services. That provides you with the right office tools for business. Hence, see more information about the service and how to buy it. How to use office 365 for businesses started with the office 365 business plans. You can download Microsoft 365 business productivity products to get started.

Furthermore, if you’re running a small business or midsized company and you’re looking for educative and productive toolkits to manage your business. The service is one of the collaboration tools that design. In other to cover collaboration in business areas such as organizational, departmental, and also team levels. Moreover, Office 365 services comprise different numbers of products and services on the aspect of businesses. It includes Office 365 business, Business Premium and also Business Essentials.

What is Included in the Office 365 Business?

On the contrary, when talking about what’s includes in the Microsoft 363 business. This is actually talking about office 365 business productivity products. However, the service offers a number of productivity products to help manage your business and that includes the following:

  • Outlook Mail 
  • Microsoft Word 
  • Excel 
  • PowerPoint  
  • Access (PC only) 
  • OneDrive. 

These are the list of office 365productivity products that come under the Microsoft 365 business subscription plans. However, the service is compatible with businesses that require the need for Office apps and also a cloud file storage.

Features of the Microsoft Productivity Tools

Aside from Office 365 business productivity products, there are also other services and benefit you get to enjoy when you buy the service. Above all, the services boost your business. By providing you with office apps mentioned above to create, view and edit files or documents in real-time.

  • Monthly updates: it provides you with the latest feature and capabilities that come with the latest version of the Microsoft Office app.  
  • Works across multiple devices: unlike most plans, the services provide you with connectivity access to multiple devices.  
  • 1 TB secure cloud storage: in other for you not to experiences insufficient memory. It offers you with 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage to back-up and shore your files.  
  • Professional digital storytelling: it provides you an easy concept. So as to create an engagement, interactive, web-based, presentations and lots more with Sway.

In addition, the 365 business is also built with security features. In other to keep your data safe and the setup of the Office productivity tool is easy. Also, it comes with Microsoft support to you can get solutions to question you need answers to.

How to Buy and Download Office 365 Business Plan

Furthermore, the is compatible with operating systems such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 Services Pack 1. Also the two recent operating versions of the macOS. However, you can buy and download Office 365 business plan for $8.25 users/month with annual commitment or $10.00 user/month with a monthly commitment. Also, the service offers you a free 1-month trial to enjoy the services for free.

In addition, you can buy the service from the Microsoft Store or on Amazon. Keep in mind, the acceptable payment on the Microsoft store includes all major credit cards. Secondary, to access the office 365 login after buying and download the service, you can log in with your Outlook email address account.