Nintendo Switch Finally Introduce Bluetooth Audio in New Software Update

Under the recent development of the new update of Nintendo software. Nintendo has finally given users the ability to use Bluetooth audio headphones on the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch might just be a year old, but on Sept 14, 2021. Nintendo finally gives us an update on our gaming console in which users have been waiting for.

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We have been waiting for Nintendo Switch to introduce the Bluetooth audio support feature where users can easily plugin their Bluetooth headphones. The wait is longer since Nintendo announced on Twitter the latest update of Nintendo Switch which will be including the ability to pair Bluetooth devices for audio output.

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More Information Concerning the Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Support

In the supporting document offered by the companies, there are few limitations in using Bluetooth audio. While using the Bluetooth audio, only two wireless controllers can be connected to the Nintendo Switch. In terms of headphones or speakers, the Switch can occupy over 5 Bluetooth devices, but can only occupy one audio device for use at a time.

The update on the device means customers don’t have to purchase other accessories to access the new feature. You can don’t have to buy another Switch to listen over Bluetooth. For over the years, people have been looking for a way to play games without having to depend on using built-in speakers. Most time it frustrating having to make use of the built-in speaker to listen to game audio. Also, the feature has been missing since the release of the console in 2017. It finally good to have the Bluetooth feature on the new update on Nintendo Switch.

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Release Date for the New Update on the Nintendo Switch

However, the new Switch LED model will be arriving next month, but before the release of the new Nintendo Switch OLED model. Nintendo has used the opportunity to update its feature by adding Bluetooth audio to its feature.

The latest update is now available, and you can simply update your device to get the feature. All, you need to do is access the home page and select the software icon and click Software update. Once the update of the software is complete, then you can access the Bluetooth audio on Nintendo Switch. There is no stress in updating the Nintendo Switch Bluetooth support on your console. Likewise, don’t forget, there are limitations in using Bluetooth audio.