Microsoft Planner – How to Use Microsoft Planner

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What is Microsoft planner an how can I get started with Ms planner? Many of us agreed that there are lots of application offers in the office 365 platform that includes Microsoft Project, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Forms, Trello, and lots more. In the meantime, the Microsoft Planner which is also known as the Ms Planner is productivity software that allows you to manage tasks, create plans, and lots more.  Ms Planner or office 365 planner is a planning application which is part of the Office 365 service.

Microsoft Planner - How to Use Microsoft Planner | Office 365 Planner

Furthermore, the Microsoft team planner was recently announced by Microsoft as a new project management tool which is eligible for premium, educational, and business users. The take management software is a productive tool for business use, educational purposes, and individual uses to help organize teamwork. Just like I mentioned, the Ms planner office 365 makes the production of a business much easier where you can easily create a new plan, organize tasks, assign tasks, share files, and lots more.

Why Should I go for Microsoft Planner?

On the contrary, team planning and project planning are some of the factors of a productive business. There are hundreds of application that offers you an easy and simple atmosphere where you can manage and control all your business task with your teammate. Some of the factors that make business opt-info the use of office 365 task management app includes

  • You can easily access or use the Ms planner app from the Microsoft 356 app launchers with just a single click on the button.
  • Through the Microsoft 365 planner, you can arrange your tasks to your preferences.
  • The platform provides businesses or members with visibility and transparency in the working business.
  • Also, the Ms 365 planner offers you collaboration tools where you can attach files to tasks, work with your teammate, and lots more.

Besides, the Ms Planner app is compatible with all devices that include Android, iOS, and Windows. However, using Microsoft Planner is very simple, and you can follow the instruction giving to your below. On how to get started office 365 task management.

How to Start with Microsoft Planner Free

In the meantime, Ms Planner comes with a free plan in which you can organize teamwork from the mobile phone or desktop. Asides from the free pan, Ms Planner is available to Microsoft 365 business. This is accessible in the various Microsoft 365 for business plans and pricing.

To Get Started with Office 365 Planner:

  • Go to on your web browser.
  • Then, click Sign in icon on the homepage.
  • Use your Outlook account or Hotmail to sign in to your Ms Planner.
  • Enter your outlook password and email address to start with the platform.

If you already subscribe to office 365, you can have access to the Microsoft Planner. Just like I mentioned, the platform is compatible with all mobile devices that include the iOS and Android devices. Learn how to download the ms planner app on your respective device.

How to Download and Install the Ms Planner App

Installation of the Microsoft planner 2020 simple, all you need to do, follow the instruction provided to you below. Use the Google Play Store or the iOS app store to download the Ms planner online. Simply:

  • Go to the respected store of your mobile phone mentioned above.
  • Search for the application using the search engine.
  • Then, click Install or Get to Download.

Hence, now that you’ve downloaded the Ms Planner application on your devices, you can simply open the application. Then, sign in to the platform with your Outlook login credentials and start organizing tasks, assign tasks, create plans, and lots more.