IRD Number – Applying for IRD Number Online | my IRD Number

How can I get an IRD number or how can I find my IRD number? The following are actually related questions that pop-up on people that have little or no idea about the Inland Revenue Department number. On the contrary, in case you don’t know the IRD number is regarded as a set of unique identification numbers. That is issued to you by the Inland Revenue Department. However, your IRN numbers comprise of 8- or 9-digit numbers that actually last you for an entire life. In other countries, this is regarded as Social Security number.

IRD Number - Applying for IRD Number Online | my IRD Number

On the contrary, it’s very important that you apply for the IRD number. Based on the fact that it allows you to earn money in New Zealand. The number is very essential because it’s required by your employer and also your bank in other to deduct tax from any income you earn. Likewise, the NZ IRD number also linked certain information about yourself which includes taxes, entitlements, works histories and more. Therefore, it’s important that you safeguard your NZ Inland Revenue Department number.

What is my IRD Number?

However, based on the description above, you should already know what your or my NZ Inland Revenue Department number digit. Another interesting thing you need to know about my IRD number in general. It’s important when you want to start a business life in New Zealand. Also, the NZ IRD number is used to file your taxes, apply for school or student loans. Also, enjoy the various benefits the government offers. With the number, you will just have a hard life in New Zealand. The interesting thing is that it’s super easy to apply for the Inland Revenue Department number. All that’s required is to fill out the IRD online number application form. Also, supply all the necessary information or document as well as VOILA to get your unique number.

How to Get your IRD Number – Apply for IRD Number

On the contrary, the online application for the digit is very simple and within 8-10 days the process of the IRD application complete. However, the platform where you can apply for the NZ Inland Revenue Department number is through the Inland Revenue Department. Follow the instruction to access the application form

  • Go to on your web browser.
  • However, you can apply for an IRN number as Individual & family or Business & organization.
  • Therefore, select an option either Individual & families or Business & organizations and click IRD number.
  • Scroll down and select the option of the application.
  • First, check out the documentation that you need to find and afterward click Apply for a number.

Fill out the requirement and then the next thing you need to do is get your document verified. Like I mentioned earlier, the time frame that the Inland Revenue Department uses to process an application takes up to 8-10 days. Moreover, your document will be verified by the AA driver licensing agent.

How to Find my Inland Revenue Department Number

In the meantime, the Inland Revenue Department number serves as an important credential that allows you to engage in activities. But if you already have an Inland Revenue Department number but can’t find it in other to save yourself. There are places where you can easily find your IRD numbers and this includes places such as:

  • On your myIR Secure Online Services account.
  • Also, it’s on the KiwiSaver statement.
  • You can if it in the letter or the statement from the Inland Revenue Department.
  • Another place, you can find it on a payslip.

Even after going through this and you still weren’t able to find your number. You can simply use the IRD contact number to call Inland Revenue Department. Once you contact them through the cellphone. They will give you your Inland Revenue Department number by first of all proven your identity.