iPhone 13: Apple Event, New Apple iPhone 13 Release Date and Price

Apple is set to launch the new iPhone 13 very soon. Recently, Apple announce the date of the new release of the latest iPhone and will come with advanced features. The release of the iPhone 13 is making waves on the internet and the show-off is set to launch. There are so many things to expect on the new update and rumor has it that the new iPhone will come with incredible features and accessibility. The rumor of the new iPhone device comes has given us what the new iPhone will look like.

iPhone 13: Apple Event, New Apple iPhone 13 Release Date and Price

Based on the information gotten, the iPhone is designed with a 120Hz LTPO display alongside the Pro models. The new iPhone devices come with enhanced and improved battery life and also an upgrade on its camera features. These new improved camera features include a new portrait video mode and also astrophotography mode as well. Rumor has it that, a satellite communications capability might be added to the new iPhone device. Also, based on the design, we had that the new iPhone 13 design is top-notch with finally beat other designs of the iPhone series.

What is the iPhone 13 Release Date?

In case you’re wondering when will the iPhone 13 be out or available, you don’t need to wonder anymore. Currently, Apple has sent out invites for the upcoming Apple event on September 14. The “California Streaming” event is considered an online-only launch. During the Apple Event, you can find out what to expect from Apple that does not only include 13 but other Apple products that include the AirPods 3 and also Apple Watch 7.

As of recent, there is no official date that the iPhone 13 will be launched during the Apple Event. But it said that it will be the focal point for the release date. Usually, the Apple iPhone launch is usually in September, after last year’s iPhone 12 rollout due to some delay. All indication points that iPhone 13 should be showcased on Sept.14. According to reports from Front Page Tech, the release date might come on September 24 alongside pre-order starting on September 17.

What is the Price for iPhone 13?

Concerning the cost of the iPhone 13 or how much will iPhone 13 cost, however, the iPhone 13 will be expensive than iPhone 12 is little. The price range should be within $699, $799, $999, $1,099 respectively. Based on the study, Apple prices of a new generation of iPhone are usually close. Reports from TrendForce stated that the pricing for iPhone 13 should be relatively on par with iPhone 12. Also, it’s said that the iPhone 13 Pro models might not include a 1TB storage option. Apple chip supplier TSMC increase its cost of production so as to right customers.