iOS 14 – Release Date, New Feature, Compatible Device,

When will iOS 14 be available and how can I get the iOS 14? The step towards the launching of new version of the iPhone device is a bit closer than expected. As a matter of the fact, the moment to the iOS 14 release date is sooner than expected thanks to the first look at the software update at Apple WWDC 2020 keynote. The new Apple version is full of amazing features.  I have seen so many people asking whether Apple will release the iPhone 12. Apple hasn’t yet unveiled the new iOS operating system iPhone 12.

iOS 14 - Release Date, New Feature, Compatible Device,

The new operating system update of the new iPhone probably will arrive later this year. Developers don’t need to wait for the new upgrade, based on the fact that the iOS 14 developer beta is currently available to download. However, if you’re wondering what’s new on the new upgrade, you can find out more about the new releases of the iOS 14 feature. Also, details on iOS 14 release date, new features, and compatible Apple iPhone devices.

About the Apple iOS 14

On the contrary, the introduction of the new upgrade provides the smartest way in which you can customize your home screen to discover and use the apps with Apple Clips. Above all, stay connected with friends and families through messages.  Apple Inc unveiled the iOS 14 which introduces the biggest update ever in terms of home screen page which is integrated with beautiful redesigned widgets and app library. This provides you with a new way to access the App Store using the App Clips and also comes with a powerful update to message.

The introduction of the new widgets showcases quick information at a glance which can be attached in different sizes on any Home Screen page. This enables users to create a smart stack of widgets that’s integrated with an on-device intelligence to structure the best widget based on time, activity, and also location. Likewise, the iOS 14 home screen page showcases widgets that can be customized for different activities. That includes work, travel, sports, entertainment, and lots of more interesting areas. The most exciting feature of the iOS 14 is the Apple Library at the end of the Home Screen page.

When is the iOS 14 Release Date and Beta Schedule?

On the contrary, Apple hasn’t yet confirmed the actual date of the release of iOS 14, in other words, the iOS 14 release date. But you can download the iOS 14 beta today, from the However, the developer preview of the new upgrade currently available, which is only accessible to Apple Developer Program members. The public date will soon be available for all iOS users next month at

Will my iPhone get iOS 14?

So many iOS users are excited about the upcoming new version of the iOS operating system. First of all, the chances of getting the new upgrade depend on the iOS operating system you run. If your iPhone runs on iOS 13, you might be eligible to update to the new big software. Here are some of the devices that can download iOS 14:

  • iPhone 6S, iPhone SE, and iPhone 6S Plus.
  • iPhone SE second generation.
  • As well as, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR.
  • iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X
  • iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Discover and Use Apps with App Clips

On the contrary, this is one of the introduce features of the iOS 14 that comes with an App Clip. This is a small section of the app in which it’s designed to give users an easy experience to discover app needed within a moment. App Clips is integrated with some type of product or business and takes a second to complete a particular designed task which includes renting a scooter, purchasing coffer, and lots more.

Powerful Updates to Conversations in Messages

One of the powerful updates of iOS 14 is the messaging structure. The Messages are primary to communicate and interact with friends and family. This makes a lot better to connect with people quickly and also to access important messages. The iOS users can now pin conversation to showcase at the top of their message list. This also gives you access to keep an active tab with lively group threads with the use of mentions, and inline replies.

Explore and New Guides in Maps

On the contrary, the Apple Maps on iOS 14 have made it interesting and easier than ever before. Where you can easily navigate and explore other new cycling directions. The new map is enhanced with electric vehicle routing, curated guides to give you the best direction you need to. Each of the features on the Apple Maps provides you a better experience in discovering new restaurants, the fastest route to take, a route with lots of hold-up, and lots more.

Additional iOS 1 Features

  • Translate: the enhanced translation on the iOS 14 provides the best and easiest way to translate conversation quicker.
  • Siri: Apple has upgraded the Siri to a more accurate search in finding accurate results. In other words, expand its knowledge to provide you with solutions from across the internet. Plus, you can send audio messages and more.
  • The Home App: this makes it easier to control your home screen page with the new automation suggestion. Also, the expanded controls located in the Control center that offers you fast access to accessories, scenes, and lots more.

Other areas in which the feature has expanded greatly include AirPods, Digital Car Keys, Find My app, Safari, Health, Weather app, and Accessibility. Above all, the new iOS 14 operating system integrated with a privacy feature. That offers you absolution control and management of your device.