Install Dropbox – How to Download Dropbox | Dropbox Download App

How do I Install Dropbox for Mac or Windows, can I install the Dropbox app for free? In the previous article, we talked about how you can download the Dropbox app on your various devices. However, the download and install of the Dropbox are actually the same. The process of installing the Dropbox app on your devices allows you to get started with the feature included on the application. In the meantime, Dropbox is one of the modern and powerful file hosting in the world today. How to download dropbox comes in Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux is shown below. The dropbox download app or to Install dropbox allows you to manage your document.

Install Dropbox - How to Download Dropbox  | Dropbox Download App

Furthermore, the concept of installing or downloading the Dropbox application on your various devices gives you convenient and easy access to cloud storage, synchronization file, and customize your own personal could storage anywhere. Actually, you can download the Dropbox application on various operating systems that include Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Microsoft Windows, Windows phone and also Ubuntu. Yes, you can download the Dropbox for Ubuntu and also other devices mentioned above. Check the instruction on how to download or install Dropbox for Ubuntu or for Windows.

How to Install the Dropbox Desktop App

Generally, the Dropbox Desktop app covers the main download of the application on the various desktop devices that includes Ubuntu, Mac, Windows and also Linux. Therefore, we ensure to group the downloading process into three sections.

To Download Dropbox on Mac:

  1. However, you can use the App Store to download the application or use the download link
  2. If you are using the download or install link, it automatically installs once you click Download Dropbox.
  3. While for the App Store, you can search for Dropbox and install the app on your Mac operating system.

To Install Dropbox on Windows:

  1. Likewise, you can use the Microsoft Store or link the link to download directly to your devices.
  2. If you’re using the Microsoft store, type the name Dropbox on the search bar and click Get to download the app.
  3. At the same time, if you use the download link it will immediately install to your device.

To Download Dropbox on Ubuntu or Linux:

  1. Make use of the link to download on Ubuntu or Fedora.
  2. Or you can use the same application to download the Dropbox from your devices store.

In addition, once you click on the link to download the Dropbox app on Ubuntu or Linux. You read through the instruction to install the appropriate download package on your devices and also select the right version of the package.

How to Download the Dropbox Mobile App

Many of us are well familiar with how to download the Dropbox application on your devices. However, the Dropbox mobile app is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows phones. Use the following instruction to install the Dropbox mobile app.

To Download Dropbox on Windows Phone, Android and iOS:

  1. Use the app store on your devices such as the Google Play Store, App Store, and Microsoft Store.
  2. Navigate the location of the search bar and type Dropbox.
  3. Depending on the device, you can click Install or Get.

After the following installation of the Dropbox app is completed, the next stage is to set up the application on your devices. This is by signing with your email address and password, or your Gmail account or your Apple ID. View the step below on how you can set up your Dropbox.

How to Set Up a Dropbox Account

After completing the installation process of the Dropbox or the Install Dropbox steps, this next option is to set up your dropbox. This will enable you to be able to store all your important documents, files, or media content directly from the devices in which the application is installed.  However, there are two steps to set up your storage cloud and that depends on either you’re a new user or an exciting user.

To Sign up for Dropbox:

  1. Go to or open the app.
  2. Navigate the sign up page on your device.
  3. Enter your First name and Last name to sign up.
  4. Then, enter your email address and create your dropbox account password.
  5. Click the Dropbox terms and click Sign up.

Sign Up Via Google

  1. TO sign up for Dropbox with Google account.
  2. On the sign up page, you can click the option Sign up with Google.
  3. Next, provide all your Google account login credential to sign up.

To Sign in Dropbox: Install Dropbox

  1. However, if you’re already existing users, you don’t need to sign up.
  2. Simply click on the Sign in icon instead of the Sign Up.
  3. Next, on the Sign in page, enter your dropbox account login details such as your email address and password.
  4. Finally, click Sign in.

Sign in Via Google or Apple:

  • Select the option “Sign in with google o Sign in with Apple” depend on the select account you use in creating your storage account.
  • Fill out the login requirement need that nuclides your Google ID login or your Apple ID logins such as your email address and password account.
  • Lastly, click Sign in..

Keep in mind, during the process of creating your account, you can use the Apple ID login to set up your storage account especially if you’re using an iOS device. Likewise, if you’re having issues with your account, you can visit the help page to recover or reset your password. Finally, you’ve been able to install Dropbox and also set up your account on different devices to start storing all the necessary information you need to store on the storage cloud.