IMDbPro – How Much Does IMDbPro Membership Cost | IMDbPro 30-Day Free Trial

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IMDbPro – How Much Does IMDbPro Membership Cost | IMDbPro 30-Day Free Trial

Is IMDbPro Free or how much does IMDbPro cost? IMDb which is also known as Internet Movies Database is actually an online database for movies, television, and also video games and lots more. The service is owned by Amazon. It offers you information about movies, streaming content online that includes rating, production crew, and cast as well as home videos. On the other hand, IMDbPro is a productive resource designed for entertainment industry professionals to provide leading information concerning movies, video games, and lots more.

IMDbPro - How Much Does IMDbPro Membership Cost | IMDbPro 30-Day Free Trial

Furthermore, IMDbPro offers users with various membership services that come with exclusive information. Also, powerful tools that are available for members of the entertainment industry. To showcase information about their movies, television, video games, and lots more so as to produce a successive career.

Benefits of Subscribing for IMDbPro Membership Plan

When talking about what’s included in the IMDbPro membership plan or if it worth it. This is talking about the benefit you get to enjoy when you pay for the IMDbPro cost. On the contrary, there are several benefits members get to have access to when they join the service. This includes:

  • Access to add your contact details and representation information.
  • With the IMDb page management, you can add certain information such as image, titles and lots more.
  • This also allows you to expand your title database for films, television, web series, and other databases.
  • The service comes with a mobile app which is an IMDbPro app where you can search for millions of profiles and also view the latest industry news.

In addition, other membership benefits include access to tracking news of people, casting services, MOVIEmeter, COMPANYmeter ranking, STARmeter, Box office information, and lots more. Learn how to join IMDbPro and also see the price below. Above all, the IMDbPro 30-Day Free Trial is another plan you can get started with.

How Much does IMDbPro Cost | IMDb Price

Nowadays, many entertainment industries professionals make use of IMDbPro so as to showcase themselves on IMDb and also Prime Video. For instance, if you want your movies information or detail about your tv shows, on IMDb and also Amazon Prime Video. Then, IMDb Pro allows you to access that and also allows you to access thousands of casting notices all in one place. In the meantime, IMDbPro is worth subscribing for based on the fact that IMDb is the biggest online database for movies tv-series and others with approximate visitors of 83 million registered users.

Currently, for started or new members, it comes with a 30-day free trial where you can cancel your plan anytime. Afterward, you can pay the cost of using IMDb Pro for $19.99/monthly and $149.99 annually. That’s the cost of the service and you can use the free trial first to see whether or not it worth it. Above all, the IMDb-Pro 30-Day Free Trial is another plan you can get started with.

How to Join IMDbPro 30-day Free Trial

First of all, you need an Amazon account and also a payment card to start your IMDbPro membership 30-day free trial. The interesting thing is that you can cancel anytime you want to, but you can’t cancel if you have exceeded the time limit.

To Create a Membership Account

  • Go to the IMDb sign up page using the link and click Start Free Trial.
  • Enter your Amazon email address and password and click Sign in using our secure server.
  • Next, you can grant IMDb permission to sign in to your Amazon account.
  • Then, you can use your Amazon account to create your IMDb account.
  • Select, the preferable payment plans your choice to go for and click Continue.
  • Then, you can add your payment method and confirm your card.

In summary, then review your checkout and select Join IMDbPro to finally join the platform. Keep in mind, no deduction will be made on your account until you have fully ended your free trial. Your membership will continue after your free trial ends except you cancel it.