How to Write a Check – A Step-by-Step Guide

Even though Check is not commonly used as once it was before, a lot of people are still writing checks even in today’s digital world. The use of paper checks serves as one of the effective and less-experienced tools to send money. Perhaps, you have never written a check before, in this article, you can learn the simple state of how to write a check.

How to Write a Check - A Step-by-Step Guide
How to Write a Check – A Step-by-Step Guide

Writing a check is not difficult, it just like filling out some requirement information about yourself that includes your name, signature, and others. However, aside from the fact that people use digital payment to send or move money. Nowadays, you see a lot of people use mobile payment services such as Apply, Venmo, and more. Initially, digital payment offers a more convenient way where you can send more to people without writing a check. But it is important to know how to write a check in case you need it. Hence, you’ll show you the format of how to fill out a check.

How to Write a Check

During the old days, the use of check was commonly used. But right now debit cards, online banking, and also mobile payments service has taken over the world. if you need assistance with how to write a cheque or check.

Include Date

You can find this at the top right corner of the check. Depending on the location, if you’re in the United States, the date format goes like month-date-year. You can decide to fill out the date completely or make use of numbers like Nov 18, 2021, or 11/18/2021.

Name of Recipient

You need the name of the recipient or the person that will receive the check. You can write the name of the recipient on the line that starts with “Pay to the order of.” It important you write the full name of the person or the business name.

Fill out the amount in numerals

However, this part is very simple. You need to write the amount of money you want to send in numbers. For example, if you want to send $5,000, you’ll write $5,000

Write out the amount in words

Just like you have written the amount in numeral, you also need to write in words. Under the Pay to the order of” line, you can write it in a word like five thousand dollars.


You need to write the reason why you need to send the money. You can fill it out on the “Memo” line. This is not necessary, but it helps you indicate the reason for sending the money.


The most important thing is your signature. You can find this at the bottom right-hand corner of the check. Apart from the following, the Signature is the most important part, and if you write a wrong signature the check will be rejected.

How to Write a Check with Cents

For instance, you want to write a cheque of five hundred dollars and twenty cents ($500.20). There are two steps to go about writing a check with cents. First of all, you need to write the amount in number and then in words.

On your check, you need to write the amount in numeric form like $500.20 located at the right side of the check where you see the $ sign. While writing the amount in word, you can write it in this format 5 hundred and 20/100. That’s how you write a check in cent.