How to Leave a Review on Airbnb

Learn how to leave a review on Airbnb with this comprehensive guide. Whether you’re a guest or a host, discover the step-by-step process, tips for writing engaging reviews, and frequently asked questions answered.

How to Leave a Review on Airbnb

If you’ve ever used Airbnb to book a vacation rental or hosted guests in your space, you might have wondered how to leave a review on Airbnb. Leaving reviews is an essential part of the Airbnb community, as it helps build trust and transparency among guests and hosts. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of leaving reviews on Airbnb, provide tips to write compelling and honest reviews and answer frequently asked questions to ensure you have a smooth experience.

How to Leave a Review on Airbnb

Leaving a review on Airbnb is a straightforward process that allows you to share your experiences with the community. Here’s a step-by-step guide to leaving a review on Airbnb:

Log In to Your Airbnb Account

To leave a review, you need to log in to your Airbnb account. You can access the Airbnb website on your computer or use the mobile app on your smartphone or tablet.

Go to “Trips” or “Host” Dashboard

If you were a guest, navigate to the “Trips” section, where you can find your past bookings. If you were a host, head to the “Host” dashboard and find the reservation for which you want to leave a review.

Select the Reservation

Once you find the relevant reservation, click on it to access the details.

Click on “Leave a Review”

Scroll down the reservation page, and you’ll find the “Leave a Review” button. Click on it to start the review process.

Rate Your Experience

Airbnb will prompt you to rate your overall experience on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. Be honest with your rating, as it helps other users make informed decisions.

Write Your Review

After rating your experience, you’ll have the opportunity to write a review. Use this space to share your thoughts, highlight positive aspects, and provide constructive feedback if necessary.

Submit Your Review

Once you’re satisfied with your review, click on the “Submit” button to post it. Once submitted, your review will be visible to the host or guest, and it will also appear on their profile.

Read and Respond to Reviews You Receive

As a participant in the Airbnb community, you’ll likely receive reviews from hosts or guests. Make sure to read and respond to these reviews in a polite and professional manner. It demonstrates your engagement and commitment to being an excellent member of the community.

Tips for Writing Engaging Airbnb Reviews

Writing a review that is engaging, informative, and helpful can benefit both the host and future guests. Here are some tips to help you write compelling Airbnb reviews:

Be Specific and Detailed

When writing your review, be specific about the aspects you enjoyed or found lacking during your stay. Mention amenities, cleanliness, location, and any standout experiences you had.

Use Positive Language

Always use positive and friendly language in your review. If you had a great experience, express your gratitude and appreciation.

Be Constructive

If there were areas that could be improved, offer constructive feedback. Frame your suggestions in a helpful and encouraging way.

Highlight Unique Experiences

If the host went above and beyond to make your stay special, make sure to mention it in your review. Highlighting unique experiences helps potential guests get a sense of what to expect.

Avoid Personal Attacks

While it’s essential, to be honest in your review, refrain from using personal attacks or offensive language. Keep the feedback focused on the property and the stay.

Be Mindful of Privacy

Respect the privacy of the host or guest and avoid mentioning personal information in your review.

FAQs About Leaving Reviews on Airbnb

Here are some frequently asked questions about leaving reviews on Airbnb:

How long do I have to leave a review on Airbnb?

You have 14 days after the checkout date to leave a review on Airbnb.

Can I edit my review after submission?

No, once you submit your review, you cannot edit it. Take your time and ensure your review accurately reflects your experience.

Can I see my review before it’s posted?

No, reviews are posted immediately after submission. Make sure to review your feedback before clicking the “Submit” button.

What happens if I receive a negative review?

Receiving a negative review can be disheartening, but it’s an opportunity to learn and improve. Respond professionally and address any concerns raised by the guest or host.

Can I dispute a review if I disagree with it?

Airbnb’s review system aims to maintain transparency and honesty. You cannot dispute a review simply because you disagree with it, but you can report reviews that violate Airbnb’s content guidelines.

Will my review be anonymous?

Yes, Airbnb reviews are anonymous. Only your first name and the first letter of your last name will be displayed.


Leaving a review on Airbnb is a crucial part of the platform’s community and contributes to creating a trustworthy and reliable ecosystem for both guests and hosts. By following the simple steps outlined in this guide and using the provided tips, you can leave impactful reviews that benefit the entire Airbnb community. Remember always to be honest, respectful, and constructive in your feedback. Happy reviewing!