How to Download Slack for Windows

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How can I download Slack for Windows? Nowadays, many companies have invested in the lines of communication systems. Back then, communication was a big issue and it took months before you can receive a message from friends, business partners, or family. Currently, the world has evolved into digital means of communication through smartphones and PC with the use of communicating software or application like Slack, ZOOM, Asana, Basecamp, Microsoft Live Meeting, Microsoft SharePoint, and lots more. Learn how to download Slack for Windows and also to set up Slack for Windows.

First of all, Slack is a business communication and collaborative software or application that’s owned by the very popular American software company Slack Technologies. The collaborative software offers users a wide range of IRC-style features which are built with features like a chat room, private group, and also direct messaging. Moreover, Slack is compatible with different operating systems that include Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Windows phones, and also Android devices. The Slack app for Windows offers you the best experience you need in communicating with your business associate or partners.

How to Download Slack App for Windows

How to download Slack for Windows is simple and it’s compatible with Windows 10, and also Android & iOS, macOS, Linux, etc. With Slack for Windows, you can easily sign in to multiple workspaces and also receive notifications from your desktop. However, to download Slack for Windows 10 comes in different download formats that include Download (64-BIT) and Download (32-BIT). Likewise, the newest version of the Slack app for Windows 10 is version 4.6.0.

To Get Slack for Windows 10:

  1. Go to on your web browser.
  2. Then, select the download format either Download (64-BIT) or Download (32-BIT).
  3. Finally, you can wait for the download to complete.

To Download Slack for Windows BETA:

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down to the middle of the page.
  3. Then click Download BETA.

Keep in mind, that Slack for Windows BETA is available to developers which receive new builds of the Slack app, before being launched to the public. The version of the new Slack for Windows BETA is 4.7.7-bete3. That’s how to install the Slack app on your PC or desktop.

How to Set up the Slack App for Windows

After you can successfully install the Slack app on your Windows. You can then move to set up the app on your Windows. Once Slack downloads Windows 10 64-bit or 32-bit completes. You can open the app and sign in to your Slack account. If you don’t have an account, you can simply create a Slack account from your Windows device.