How to Celebrate Memorial Day – What is Memorial Day For | How to Watch Memorial Day Events Being Live Streamed

When is the Memorial Day and how can I celebrate the Memorial Day during coronavirus pandemic? Initially, the first name that Memorial Day was called is known as the Decoration Day which was later changed to Memorial Day. Apparently, Memorial Day become an official holiday for all citizens in the United States after the Civil War. Basically, Memorial Day is celebrated by Americans in others to honor and mourn those who died during their military right. The Memorial Day celebration takes place every year during the last Monday of May.

How to Celebrate Memorial Day - What is Memorial Day For | How to Watch Memorial Day Events Being Live Streamed

Apparently, this year Memorial Day looks like it doing the be at home due to the recent widespread of the coronavirus in the States. The most country that actually takes into consideration the Memorial Day includes the United States and Canada. But most especially, it’s celebrated in American and it’s usually a great event. However, you can learn little facts about Memorial Day, date, and also how to decorate for Memorial Day.

What Does Memorial Day Means | History of Memorial Day?

First of all, the history of Memorial Day started way back in 1868 following the civil war. Therefore, the day set aside for the Memorial Day was to celebrate and honor those men and women that died in the battle line during their service in the U.S. military. In other words, the Memorial Day or Decoration Day is a time or date for honoring and mourning the United States Military personal that lost their lives during their country service in the United States Armed Forces.

When is the Memorial Day?

Apparently, the Memorial Day today which can also be referred to as the May Holiday celebration comes after the weekends. Meaning that, the Memorial Day calendar and date celebration for 2020 started on Monday, 25, May 2020 in the United States. Currently, Memorial Day regarded as an unofficial start of the summers in the United States. As for the other two days start the celebration in honoring those that have served and are severing in the U.S. Military.

How to Decorate for Memorial Day

Keep in mind, this also considered as to how to celebrate Memorial Day even during COVID-19. There is a traditional way, the decoration of Memorial Day usually takes place. But many states in the United States are actually planning on canceling today’s Memorial Day celebration. Due to the coronavirus of a thing. Here is some tip on how to celebrate Memorial Day even during COVID-19:

  • You can decide to Decorate your entire household with the American flag.
  • There will be live streaming in some states in which you can watch
  • Plus, you can decorate your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others with the America Flag. Also you can add a Memorial Day image next to it.
  • Most states are actually holding the traditional way of celebrating the event. However, you can attend any of the Memorial Day events.
  • Send a thank you message to a veteran that you know have served in the United States Military. and lived to tell the story.

In addition, you can place flowers and flags on the grave of those that died in military service as to show your respect. One of the interesting platforms you can share all this is on Facebook, and you can use that to show your respect.