How to Cancel 24 Hour Fitness Membership

How to cancel 24 Hour Fitness membership is the step you take when you no longer want to opt-in for the platform anymore. During our previous discussion, we talked more about the 24-Hour Fitness services and also how you can join or pay for the various plans. However, for those that want to cancel their membership option. You can learn the simple steps on how to cancel your 24-Hour Fitness membership. First of all, 24 Hour Fitness is a great fitness club where you can find safety tips on various kinds of solution to keep your body fits and health.

How to Cancel 24 Hour Fitness Membership

Furthermore, 24-Hour Fitness offers members with different kinds of membership options to select from. This includes Club Experience, Gym Membership, Personal Training, and lots more. However, the platform offers members with no commitment, meaning that, members can decide to cancel their membership plan whenever they choose to. Keep in mind, the time frame for your 24-Hour Fitness Club plan to cancel depends on your initial membership purchase. For instance, you purchase the Gym Membership plan after three days, you can cancel your plan. By sending a notification to 24 Hour Fitness during the Cooling-off period to opt-out.

How to Opt-out 24 Hour Fitness Membership

Whatever reason you need to cancel your membership, 24-Hour Fitness provides you a way out in which you can opt-out of the services if you don’t need to need to continue with the service. However, in other to ensure the satisfaction of members, the platform offers members additional 12 months’ benefits. This includes 1 free buddy pass, free premium 24Go with audio coaching, and also 10% reduction in your monthly payment.

However, if you still decide on canceling your membership plan, you can go to the membership cancel page using the link Then, you can click on No Thanks to continue the cancellation. Next, you can enter your member number or check-in code and birth date. Finally, click Proceed to continue the process of the cancellation of your membership plan with 24 Hour Fitness.

Another Way to Cancel 24 Hour Fitness

On the contrary, asides from the process above, you can also use the contact information on the flyer. Or you can visit the customer services line on the membership card to cancel your plan. That’s how you can opt-out of the series of membership plan that includes Life Fitness Membership and also fitness classes.