How to Apply for CERB – Canada Emergency Response Benefit

How can I apply for CERB? Or how can I get qualify for CERB benefit? The CERB is known as Canada Emergency Response Benefit which is set by the Canadian government to provides those that are suffering from the COVID 19 pandemic. The CERB offers financial supports to both employed, self-employed, or worker facing hardship with income. In this article, you can find out more information about the qualification for the Canada Emergency Response Benefits and also how to apply for CERB.

How to Apply for CERB - Canada Emergency Response Benefit

Am I Eligible for CERB?

On the contrary, how to apply for CERB need certain requirements users need to be qualified before they can be accountable for the benefits. Moreover, the qualification of the CERB is only available to workers, either employed, self-employed.

  • You need to be a resident of Canada and must be at least a 15-year-old.
  • The CERB is accessible to workers who stopped working duet to the COVID-19.
  • You need to have an income of at least $5000 has a self-employed or employed to a company.
  • CERB benefits are also eligible to people that were sacked or didn’t quit their job voluntarily.

Keep in mind, when submitting your first claim, it said that you can’t earn more than $1500 as employed or self-employed income for above 14 days of four-week benefits period of your claim, likewise when submitting subsequent claims.

How to Determine if I AM eligible for CERB

First of all, in terms of student been eligible for the CERB, post-secondary and graduating high school students might be considered for the Canada Emergency Student Benefits. However, certain scenarios determine if you’re eligible for the CERB. This includes: this will allow you to apply for CERB

  • Expectant mother/parent: You eligible for EI before March 15th, after March, if you lost your job.
  • New mother/parent: if you are a new mother or parent, you can eligible for the CERB.
  • Caring for family members: if you stop working just to take care of your family because of COVID-19. You can apply for the benefit.

There are other scenarios which include Change in job status/income, Canadian abroad, Student, Senior/retired person, and lots more others. These are the requirement that get you started in applying for the Canada Emergency Student Benefits.

How to Apply for CERB

In the term of providing Canadians with funds after applying for the program, CERB joint with Services Canada and Canada Revenue Agency. To provide the qualified applicant the fastest and easiest way to deliver payment. In other to access the application process or to apply for CERB, you need to answer some simple questions in which you need to provide an answer that best determines the service that fits your situation. Visit the link and you can answer the question. Under “Determine where to apply” to fill out the question the directs you to the application forum.