Google Video – Does Google Video Still Exist | Google Video Search

Does Google video still exist? Or how do you search videos on Google? Nevertheless, there are various ways you can make a search for content on Google. Either by using the text features, photos, and also videos to search for content on Google. The most method of searching is through the text box where you can type the search keyword and click the search result. However, Google Video is another integrated search engine where you can search and discover content through the use of videos.

In general, the Google video was popularly known as a free hosting service which appears as a similarity with YouTube that enables users to upload videos to the Google server or host videos to its server. Thereby embedding to other websites that have a similar term to the video. However, the platform allows a lot of websites to host lots of their videos remotely. Without the need for opt-in into bandwidths or even storage-capacity issues.

Does Google Video Still Exist?

On the contrary, Google video was a fascinating platform that allows websites to host videos on its servers without running into bandwidth or storage capacity issues. On October 9, 2006, it announced the shutdown of the free video hosting service. However, the evolution of the free hosting service began into what we know as the Google video search engine. Google stopped the hosting of new videos. Thereby, allowing users to migrate to YouTube in other to upload videos which will be crawled to the Google search console.

In addition, it was when YouTube was acquired by Google that the evolution of the new Google search engine began. Besides, YouTube videos, the search result comprises videos from other web crawlers on hosting services and users upload on other services.

How to use the Google Video Search

On the contrary, most people don’t know how to go about Google Video search even the Google picture search as well. Hence, you can view the step-by-step process. In other to search for content using video or get results to keyword searches on videos.

  • With the internet-connected device you use to connect with the website, you can open a new web tab.
  • Go to on the web address box and click enter.
  • Then, you can type the name of videos you want to search for on the Google video search box and click enter.

Immediately, you click the Enter key, a wide Google video search result will appear for you to explore. You can click on the video to find more detail about the video. However, on Google videos search results, you will find out that most videos are from YouTube sources.

How Can I Upload Videos to Google Search?

Like I mentioned earlier, in other for you to upload videos on the platform. SO that your videos will appear on Google videos search results. Hence, you need to make use of YouTube or other hosting services where you can make use of the web crawler to crawl videos on Google. Some videos hosting services you can use to upload your videos on Google aside from YouTube. This includes AcFun, Vimeo, Periscope, Facebook, Instagram Rediff, and Flickr