Google Text-to-Speech – Is Google TTS Free | Google Text-to-Speech Download

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How do I use Google Text-to-Speech? Is the Google Text to Speech free? On the contrary, Text-to-Speech is known as a screen reader application owned by Google Inc, that operate well on the Android operating system. The application is designed for people who can’t read to help you read better in different languages. However, Google Speech to text is the power to read aloud or speak out the text that is displayed on the screen which apparently supports many languages. In other to enhanced better reading and understanding of different languages integrate the Google translate vocal.

Furthermore, the Text-to-Speech help you read better and understand different languages which can be used by apps like the Google Play Books and other eBook application for reading books aloud. The integrated Google Translate allows you to read texts aloud by providing insight into the pronunciation of words. Also, with the Google Talkback and other spoken based application allows you to install voice data.

What Languages Does Google Text-to-Speech Support?

On the contrary, Text to Speech Google supports hundreds of languages on Android operating devices. Here are some of the languages Google TTS android application supports Bangla, Cantonese, Czech, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Korean, English, Thai, Norwegian, Turkish, Dutch, Hindi, Finnish, Estonian, and lots more.

Is Google Text-to-Speech Free?

Yes, Google Text-to-Speech is a free screen reader application that’s powered to help people who can’t read well to read the text on your screen audibly. For instance, for people who can see or can’t read, Google Speech can be used to help read Google Play Books aloud. Also, it uses in Google Translate to help you pronounce the word aloud. Likewise, it can be used in Google Talkback and other accessibility applications in other to create or install spoken feedback across various devices.

How do I use Text to Speech?

On the contrary, if you want Google to help you read texts, you can go for the Google Android TTS in other to help you read texts. However, Google TTS only works on Android phones. Therefore, to use the Google Android Text-to-Speech applications, you can view the step-by-step process;

  • Go to your Google Play Store and search for the application.
  • Simply, type the word “Text-to-Speech” and click the Enter key.
  • Click on the App icon and click Install to download.

To set up the Google Android TTS app:

  • Go to your Android settings.
  • Then, you can click Language& Input.
  • Next, click Text-to-Speech output.
  • Afterward, you can select the Google TTS engine as your preferred engine.

That’s how you can set up the Text-to-Speech on your Android device. Keep mind, most Android devices automatically turn on the Text-to-Speech. Hence, you don’t need to go through the set up for the application.

What’s Cloud Google TTS

Generally, we also have the evolution of the TTS called the Cloud Google Text-to-Speech. However, Google Cloud TTS one of the AI & Machine Learning Products. That actually converts words into a human-like speech that presented in more than 180 voice to over 30 languages. The Google Cloud TTS powers by WaveNet that introduces groundbreaking research into speech synthesis. Then make use of the powerful neural networks in other to provide high-fidelity audio.

In addition, the cloud text-to-speech comes in two different priced monthly based features. The Standard (non-WaveNet) voices provide 0 to 4 million characters in the monthly free tier. While paid usage comes in $4.00 per I million characters. Secondly, the WaveNet voice monthly free trier comes in 0 to 1 million and the paid usage is $16.00 per 1 million characters. Hence, you can go to the link and try for free.