Google Merchant Center – Why Google Merchant Center is Good For Product Listing

What is Google Merchant Center or How can I access Google Merchant Center? Lately, Google introduces an e-commerce platform known as Google Shopping where people can find different products and compare the pricing of the product on various shopping sites. However, this works with the help of two platforms which are the Google Merchant Center and Google Product Ads or AdWords.  On the contrary, Google Merchant Center is actually an upload marketing tool provided by Google which allows you to upload your product listing for the purpose of the following, Google Shopping, Google Product Ads and also Google Commerce Search.

Google Merchant Center - Why Google Merchant Center is Good For Product Listing

Furthermore, Google Merchant Center actually allows you to showcase your services and products detail on Google in other to be available for shoppers to see across various Google platforms. In other words, when you upload your product or store on Google, customers will be able to find them on Google product listings when they search for it on various Google properties.

Here’s what you can do with Google Merchant Center Account

On the contrary, with Google Merchant Center account millions of people are to upload products or store. In other to appear on the Google shopping feed so that millions of online shoppers will be able to discover, explore and also purchase products from Google Shopping.

Upload accurate product info

The Google Merchant Center ensure to keep your information accurate in other not to provides users with out-of-date details. On the platform, you can rest assured that your product info shows up correctly to the right customers on Google.

Reach customer across Google

The shopping experiences of the Merchant Center is beyond just the normal marketing experiences and also advertising. With the Merchant Center, you can spotlight your products to online shoppers on various platform which includes both paid and unpaid channels. Through the use of the following platform, Google, Shopping ads, Shopping actions and other services provided by Google.

Discover more insights

Discover more information with the holistic reports in other to understand the performance of your program which is linked to Merchant Center. Also, you can discover actionable insight on the following pricing, merchandising and lots more.

How to Sign up for Google Merchant Center Account

In the meantime, to get started with the Merchant center, there are certain requirements need to select a program. This includes a Google Account (Gmail) in other to register for the Merchant Center account. Also, you need to check out the Policies and Requirements in other to check if you’re compatible for the program. In case you’re ready, here is the step to get started:

  • Go to and then enter your Gmail account.
  • Next, you need to provide your business information which is required on the program you sign up for.
  • Also, you need to enter the location of your business under the Business country.
  • Enter your business name, website name or even store name.

In summary, you can also follow other requirement or instruction displayed on the textboxes. Also, don’t’ forget to review the General Guidelines which complies with all merchants making use of the Merchant Center services. In other not to be rejected or penalize on products or store you upload.  Finally, after creating your account, you can then upload your product and published it to various Google services.