Google Maps Platform – Get Started with Google Maps Platform | Google Cloud Platform

What is the Google Maps Platform? How can I get started with Google Maps Platform? In this article, you can learn more about the Google Maps Platform. First of all, the Google Maps Platform can be generalized as the Google Maps where you can get directions to different locations from around the world. In terms of the business aspect, the Google Maps Platform enables your business to explore the real world in real-time and also immersive locations. Learn more about the Google Maps Platform.

Google Maps Platform - Get Started with Google Maps Platform | Google Cloud Platform

Furthermore, Google Maps Platform is an exciting platform that covers 90% of the world. Whereby it’s built with a reliable and trustworthy date of different locations that include city/town, streets, and also more for over 200 countries. Likewise, it provides you with 20 million updates daily on real-time location data which appear to be accurate. Google Maps is used by over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide. However, there are lots of integrated features on the Google Map Platform alongside the Google Cloud Platform that provides you with relevant and accurate real-time location information.  

Latest Features of Google Maps Platform

Google Maps Platform with Google Cloud Platform allows you to explore new horizons. Where you can get directions to different places around the world from your mobile phone. Also providing direction to different locations which is more like a mapping of the world. With Google Maps Platform APIs and other tools, you can get started with Google Maps Platform.

Maps Customization:

This is a newly released feature which enables you to stand your business out among others with the suites of new styling and customization feature. Also, through the Cloud Consoles, one can access the map customization and management. Plus, this enables you to get real-time updates via different platforms and devices.

Local Context

In other to make the Maps platform a fun experience, provides a simple way to introduce Google rich by adding location information to your maps. This will enables people to find accurate details for the closest location to place. this also will enable users to view reviews, ratings, photos, direction, and lots more.

Gaming Solution

Currently, the Google Maps Platform is built-in with immersive game environments in terms of real-world buildings, parks, roads, and lots more. This actually makes a player go on an adventure to popular places of over 150 million places.


Through the integrated “Routes” you can find the best pathway to your nearest location and also avoid traffic. The real-time traffic updates and comprehensive data helps you find the best path to your destination.


Google Maps Platform helps people discover and explore the horizon with rich location data for over 150 million places. Through the phone number, address, and real-time signals you can specify your destination.

How to Get Started with Google Maps Platform

On the contrary, to get started with Google Map Platform is quite simple, but you need to know about the Google Maps Platform Pricing. However, you can click on the link “Google Maps Platform Pricing” to direct you to the pricing page. In the meantime, the Maps Platform is made of APIs and SDKs which can be managed using the Google Cloud Consoles.

  1. Create a billing account.
  2. Then, you can set up a project,
  3. Next, enable the APIs or SDKs either one or two.
  4. Finally, you can get added, and also restrict an API Key.

Keep in mind the, these are the following stages you need to complete. Moreover, the process of completing the stages actually depends whether you’re existing users or new users that make use of the Cloud Consoles