Google Disk – Google Free Cloud Storage for Home & Work

Do you know that you can avoid always deleting your files in other to free some memory on your mobile phone or PC? On the contrary, there are hundreds of free storage clouds you can consider when it comes to unlimited storage capacity. However, Google Drive is considered one of the top file hosting services that offer unlimited storage to back up your media file and other important documents as well. As of July 2018, over 1 billion users registered for Google Disk to backup and sync their files on their mobile phones or the PC. Keep in mind, that Google Disk can also be referred to as Google Drive.

Google Disk - Google Free Cloud Storage for Home & Work

Furthermore, Google Drive is owned by Google LLC and it’s known as free file storage and synchronization service where you can ensure that all your file is well safe & secure. One of the major works of the file hosting services is to help your store files on Google servers. Plus, the synchronization feature, allows you to sync multiple files at one across devices and most of all share files with people you know. In contribution to the services, Google Disk comes in an application with offline capabilities for devices such as Windows, Android, IOS, macOS computers, and other devices. Also, part of the office suite that comes with the platform includes Google Docs, Google Sheets, and also Google Sides. In other, for you to be able to edit documents, access spreadsheets, drawings, and more.

How to Install the Google Disk App on Android, iOS, and PC

On the contrary, the Google Drive app is accessible and available on various internet connecting devices. you can download the application on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices through the following step presented below: Keep in my Gdirive is the same thing as Google Drive:

To install Google Disk on Android:

  • Go to Google Play Store.
  • Search for Google Drive.
  • Click the search result.
  • Then click Install.

To install GDrive on iOS

  • Go to Apple App Store.
  • Then search for Gdrive on the search bar.
  • Click the app icon or search result.
  • Then click Get.

To install GDrive on Windows:

  • Go to the Microsoft Store
  • Search for Gdrive
  • Click Get.

However, you can access the official website in other to get the download link. Plus, on the website, you can stay connected with your files, without even having to access the app to check your file storage.

How to Set up the Google Disk Free Cloud Storage

On the contrary, in other, for you to be able to back up and sync your file, you need to sign in to your Google Disk account with your Gmail account. Therefore, after installing the application, you can click the Sign in icon and enter your Gmail email address and password.

Immediately, you sign in to your account, and the platform automatically backups and synchronize your files on your devices without even asking. The advantage of using Google Disk is that when you want to format your devices, you don’t need to download your file to flash. You can simply recover all your files immediately you sign in to your Gmail account on Google Drive on a new device.

List of Google Drive Pricing

First of all, Google Disk offers you free storage cloud services actually meant for personal use. However, the application offers you 15GB of free cloud storage through Google One. for business use. Here is the pricing:

100 GB for $1.99/month ($20.99/year).
200 GB for $2.99/month ($29.99/year).
2 TB for $9.99/month ($99.99/year).
10 TB for $99.99/month.
20 TB for $199.99/month.
30 TB for $299.99/month.

In the meantime, these are actually the various storage plans offered by Google One for Google Disk. In other to select or buy a plan, you can upgrade that from the mobile phone. Or use the website and sign in to your Gmail account.