Google Digital Skills for Africa – How to Sign up for Google Digital Skills Africa

How can I get started with the Google Digital Skill for Africa? The introduction of Google Digital Skill for Africa serves as a new generation of learning different courses online. The platform is similar to the Facebook Blueprint where you’re offered with different marketing course, sit for the exam, and get your certification on your course. In the meantime, Google Digital Skill for Africa offers you online courses in which you can build your skills. Learn more, about the Google Digital Skill for Africa and how to get started with the platform.

Google Digital Skills for Africa - How to Sign up for Google Digital Skills Africa

Due to the recent things happening in the world, school and business have been temporarily closed due to the current event. However, there are various ways you can build your experience in what you do. Digital online courses are one of the next-gen in learning different skills where you can roll in different training courses. Google Digital Skills for Africa is an African digital training course online that offers you tools you need to grow your career and business at your own convenient pace. Through the flexible and personalized digital skill for Africa training courses. You can build your confidence among top competitors in the world of business.

How Does Google Digital Skills for Africa

On the contrary, the method in which Google Digital skill for Africa works is very simple. All you need to do, select a training course, learn at your own convenient time, and receive a certification for the course you applied for. In other words:

  • Choose a Skill: there are wide ranges of training courses offered in which you can develop your skill. As a student or businessman or woman, you can start by selecting a preferable lesson of course.
  • Learn at your own pace: after choosing a skill you can then create your learning plan from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Get certified: after you’ve completed your course online, you can keep track of your progress and get an accredited certificate.

The Google digital skills for Africa certificate allows you to build a professional profile account. Also, to create a presence on the social networking site like your LinkedIn profile and also CV. There have been lots of stories from real people who have achieved their goals as an individual, business, or student through Digital skill for Africa.

List of Available Online Courses Digital Skills for Africa

From the online course, you can discover a wide range of free learning content. That introduced to provides businesses or individuals to grow their business and build their careers. You can decide to learn through individual modules or dive right where you get to access the entire course from end-to-end. Currently, there are 134 courses and some include certification.

List of Available Online Courses Digital Skills for Africa
  • Fundamental of Digital Marketing: Modules 26 and Hours 40.
  • Get a Business Online: Modules 7, Hours 3.
  • Make sure Customers find you Online: Modules 4, Hours 3.
  • Promote a Business with Online Advertising: Modules 5, Hours 3.
  • Expand a Business to other Countries: Modules 1, Hours 1.
  • Connect with Customers over Mobile: Modules 2, Hours 1.
  • Promote a Business With Content: Modules 4, Hours 3.

Click on Here to visit the Online Digital Skills Courses in other to narrow down your search using Categories such as “Data and Tech, Digital Marketing, Career Development”, course length, and Certification. Keep in mind, Google Digital Skill for Africa certification comes in a free certificate and paid certificate.

How to Sign up for Google Digital Skills Africa

In other to start with the Digital Skill for Africa, it requires you to sign up or register for an online course account. But if you already have an account, you can simply sign in to your Google Digital Skills Africa. To register or sign in to the program with Google account, visit the Google Digital Skills for Africa sign up page Here and click Register. Next, click Sign in with Google to set up your account and your learning plan.

How to Sign up for Google Digital Skills Africa

Afterward, you can fill out the necessary information to get started. If you already have an account you can log in to your Digital learning account from the link. In summary, to require the google digital skills for Africa certificate, you need to sit for the exam questions and answers in PDF after you complete your online course.