GEICO Insurance – How to Get GEICO Insurance Quotes

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How do I create or get a GEICO quote? First of all, before thinking of getting insurance quote it offers to members. You must first understand what the company is all about. In this article, you can review the various GEICO insurance services and also how you can get started with insurance quote. The full meaning of GEICO is Government Employees Insurance Company which was established in the year 1936. However, GEICO insurance service is actually one of the categories of products offered to members that include GEICO auto insurance, renters insurance, GEICO home insurance and lots more.

GEICO Insurance - How to Get GEICO Insurance Quotes

On the contrary, GEICO insurance is popularly known as an American insurance company that provides you with various insurance services and products. However, it mostly started off as an auto insurance company. However, the GEICO insurance company is headquartered in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Also, currently, the second leading auto insurance provider in the United State after State Farm insurance company. In general, GEICO provides a wide range of insurance services which also comes with property insurance and umbrella coverage.

Here are GEICO Insurance Products and Services

Firstly, the auto insurance company is a fully owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway. In 2017, the company provides coverage to more than 24 million motor vehicles which are owned by almost 16 million policyholders. Basically, what the company is known for is an auto insurance company, but the platform also provides the following insurance service.

Vehicle Insurance Policies

On the contrary, the company provides insurance on anything that can move on the surface such as road, trail, and even water. However, the type of vehicle insurance includes Auto Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, ATV Insurance, RV Insurance Boa/PWC Insurance, Mexico Auto Insurance, and lots more. Keep in mind, that each insurance comes with benefits and policies that best match your type of need.

Property Insurance

Also, the company provides a concept in which you can insure your life, home, and property from unwanted events like fire, flood or theft. However, the property insurance provides you coverage on anything that might lead to the destruction of your home and others. Under the property insurance, we have the Homeowner Insurance, Renter Insurance, Flood Insurance, Landlord Insurance, and more.

Business Insurance

Whether you’re just starting a business or been in business for a very long time. It’s important that you insure your business structure in other to avoid breakdown or damage of products. During event like fire, earthquake, flood and other disasters. However, Business insurance coverage includes workers’ compensation, medical malpractice, wellness & fitness, and lots more.

Additional Insurance services provided in which you can also enjoy include Umbrella Insurance, Life Insurance, Travel Insurance Overseas Insurance, Identity Protection, Pet Insurance and also Jewelry Insurance. Hence you can get started with the following by getting a GEICO insurance quote.

How to Get a GEICO Insurance Quote

On the contrary, the company is more than just an auto insurance company, the platform provides you with a wide variety of insurance services mentioned above. So as to provide coverage on the various angle of loss in your personal life and business-wise. To get a GEICO quote, let make use of home insurance as an illustration.

To get a Home Insurance Quote:

  • On your web browser, go to and click enter.
  • Then you can narrow down to the Insurance section at the right top page and select Property Insurance.
  • Next, you can select any type of Property Insurance and click Start Quote under the insurance you selected.
  • Finally, you can then fill out the needed information.

However, you can download the GEICO Mobile app on your devices which allows you to easily make transaction and also add coverage that you don’t have. Through this, you need to create an account with GEICO to enjoy the benefits and services.