Find My Phone Android – Find Lost Android Device | Google Find My Device

How can I find my lost android phone or how can I access android find my phone? Basically, most of our previous writers under how you can find your lost devices as always been under finding a lost iPhone. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about how to track your android phone or android devices using the Find my iPhone. However, if you think you lost your Android phone and need to locate or track your phone. The use of the Find my phone help in tracking down the location of where your phone is located.

Find My Phone Android - Find Lost Android Device | Google Find My Device

However, the Find My Phone android has the same similar features as the Find My iPhone or Find My app. In which you can use the various intergraded feature to create a lost mode. See the location of your devices on the map, and lots more. The Find my Device is an application owned by Google which provides you with different features to find your phone location through the Android device manager, or the Google device manager. The Find My Phone app is only compatible with an Android device to track phone location or find lost phone.

Features of the Find My Phone App for Android

On the contrary, the Find My Phone android is built with a similar feature to the Find My iPhone or Find My app where you can create a disturbance on your phone to indicate that your devices are stolen or missing. Here is the feature of the Find My Android:

  • Play Sound: you can use the Play Sound feature to easily locate your device if close by. Note, that you can even play sound even if your device is set on silent.
  • Secure Device: for securing your property or important information in your device, lock your devices and also sign out of all your Google account.  
  • Erase Device: Also, to keep your information secure whereby you don’t want your banking detail or any other important document to be exposed outside or fall on the wrong hand. Simply erase all the content from your device.

Above all, the Google Map on the screen allows you to get the location where your device is located. But keep in mind, there are certain requirements need to locate lost, missing, or stolen android devices.

Requirements to Find a Lost Android Devices

The requirement you need to find a lost android device includes a Gmail or Google account and the Find My Phone app. Your android device should be connected to your Google account. Likewise, you need to have the Google Find My Device app installed and turn-on on your devices. Before you can be able to successfully find your lost Android device. Other requirements also include that your device connects with mobile data or wi-fi, the location turned on, and accessible on Google Play.

How to Install the Google Find My Devices

The Google Find My Devices is a locating device app that allows you to be able to locate your devices when lost, stolen, missing, or misplaced. The enables you to implement certain features to be able to locate your devices. Plus with the Google Map, you can always see the last location of your device.

  • Go to Google Play Store
  • Search for Google Find My Device.
  • Click on the app from the search.
  • Click Install to download.

Downloading and turning on the Google Find My Devices is one of the requirements to finding your device whenever missing, lost, or stolen. Hence, you can open the app and turn on the Google Find My Devices.

Track your Phone location with Android Find My Phone

First of all, before you can track down the location of your devices, you need to meet the requirement mentioned above. Moreover, there are different ways to remotely find your missing device. Simply visit and sign in to your Google account to find your devices.

In addition, you can as well use the Find My Device app on another android phone. With your friend phone, you can open the Google Find My Device app, sign in with your Google account, and lost your missing, lost or stolen device.